HS Espoo | Garden furniture appeared next to Länsiväylä on an uninhabited island: “A complete mystery”

A group of white garden furniture peeks from Klippan’s islet. How did the furniture end up on the island?

With a small one There is something special about Klippan Island: a group of white garden furniture peeks out of Heiniko.

Many outdoor enthusiasts who have walked along Länsiväylä, including motorists rattling the Länsiväylä, have drawn attention to the same sight.

A picture of the furniture group was sent to HS by Lauttasaari Tapio Häivä.

“I often walk past that. I have long wondered who the furniture is exported there. “

Häivä has never once seen people near garden furniture.

“A complete mystery. Looks like there are two benches and a table. There is no other smell. ”

White furniture stands out from Heiniko.­

Klippanin The island is located right on the border of Espoo and Helsinki, in front of Keilaniemi.

The small islet is about a hundred meters long and only about 20 meters wide. On a low island, hay and deciduous trees grow, but there are no buildings there.

The island is owned by the city of Espoo.

Klippanin next door is the water sports center Lagoon. Maybe there’s more to know about garden furniture there.

The phone is answered by the Lagoon sales manager Rosa Laukka.

“The furniture group has probably been taken to the island when the sea has been frozen. I saw the furniture myself in the winter when I went for a walk on the ice, ”Laukka says.

He has no information on who brought the furniture to the island or why. Last summer, Laukka doesn’t remember seeing the furniture group.

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It would be More information about the case in the city of Espoo?

Responsible for the maintenance of Espoo’s seaside beaches Timo Holmström is puzzled by Klippan’s furniture.

“Not a gray idea,” he says of the origins of garden furniture.

“We need to find out.”

The case is likely to remain a mystery.

Do you have more information about Klippan garden furniture? Contact HS Local for delivery: [email protected]

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