HS Espoo | Bars in Espoo will be screwed into the windows of the “shockingly ugly” office building – No one seems to know why

Over the years, the appearance of Omnia’s Tapiola office in Espoo has divided the opinions of the city’s residents.

“This is a shockingly ugly complex, like the adjoining tile blocks. ”

“I like this. There is something exciting about it compared to a dozen houses. ”

The comments above are taken from a discussion held last year by a Facebook group called the Tapiola Guild.

The topic was the appearance of the Espoo Omnia Tapiola office, Juva House.

This summer, the discussion has intensified again, this time with the facade renovation work of the office. The grille-like grilles in front of the windows have been removed.

Discussors have wondered what it might be all about and whether the change is permanent. The function of the grilles has remained unclear.

“It looks like the building would open its eyes. Probably a welcome change for those working on the premises ”, one of the interviewers writes.

In the picture taken from the front yard side in July, the bars are still in place.

Housing manager Timo Siven Gasti Management reports that this is a standard facade repair operation in which the facade is treated for protection.

“During the repairs, these grilles have been removed. They shall be put back after that stage of work has been completed. ‘

“These are normal work related to property maintenance. There is nothing more wonderful about it, ”says Siven.

Why the grilles are installed in front of the windows at all?

Juva House is an architect Heikki Siren handwriting from 1977, but have the grilles been retrofitted?

The curator of the Espoo City Museum is asked Jyri from Vilja.

The grain confirms this: the grilles were not originally part of the architecture of the building, nor were the windows at the ends of the building.

A building permit was applied for for windows and related aluminum grilles in 1992.

“The windows and grilles were made after that, but not immediately after the building permit was issued,” Vilja says.

He does not know why such a solution has been reached.

“The purpose of the grilles is probably to act as sun protection,” Vilja thinks.

The ongoing repair work will be done during August-September.

The Juva House, where Tapiola Omnia’s premises are located, is located at Itätuulenpiha 1. The premises include an adult high school, basic adult education and some of the services of the Workers’ College.



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