HS Espoo | An unpleasant intruder hissed on the floor of the Espoo couple’s bedroom at dawn – “I quickly woke up my wife and said that now the play is far away”

Hemo Bensky from Kauklahti found a beach snake from his home. Before the snake was found, it had been in the house possibly for a week.

Espoo resident Hemo Bensky experienced a dramatic revival last Thursday.

It was half past six in the bedroom, and it was still dim in the bedroom when Bensky woke up to visit the bathroom.

Bensky got up, and immediately noticed something dark and moving on the floor:

“I watched what was there hissing and passing sideways. Then I realized it was a snake, ”Bensky says.

The man froze in fright as the big and black snake crawled into hiding under the chest of drawers.

“I quickly woke my wife and said that now the game is far away.”

Reported on the case first Mtv3.

Situation sounds certainly absurd to many Finns: now find a wild animal in your own home.

At first, Bensky, who lived in a detached house in Kurttila, Kauklahti, did not really know what a snake should do. At least it was certain that the snake did not live with him in the same house.

Bensky searched the garage for boots and a golf club, trying to feel the chest of drawers.

“I was still a little busy in the morning and I thought that’s this for real,” Bensky says.

After the curtains in the room had been opened and the lights turned on, Bensky noted that the snake had disappeared.

“That was just Horror, that’s where it went.”

Next Bensky googled snakes, and asked his insect-familiar acquaintance for tips on working with the snake. An acquaintance thought the snake might be a beach snake.

There was no need to dream of sleep, for the serpent spun in his mind.

At half past eight, Bensky was going to the bathroom when he noticed a snake hiding in the middle of the bathroom tile floor.

He quickly took pictures of the snake and then called 112. The emergency center sent a patrol to the scene.

“There came three men who first tried to get a snake with pliers. In the end, one man in full gear put the snake in a bucket. ”

Confidence in the species of snake came from both the patrol staff and the insect: it was a beach snake.

The snake was released some distance into the woods.

Beach snake is the largest snake species in Finland, best identified by yellow, orange or white neck spots. There is no serrated pattern on the back of a beach snake, like a snake.

A snake that is safe for humans and domestic animals has been pacified. It must not be killed or damaged.

Usually, beach snakes live, as the name implies, on the shores of water bodies, but it can travel long distances in water or on land.

The beach snake hid behind the bowl.

Bensky has been trying to wonder how the snake had found the house.

More than a week earlier, the couple had slept with the patio door open.

The Bensky live right on the beach, so maybe the snake came out of the sea.

Probably the beach snake had wandered in through the open door on its adventures, and had not been found out anymore when the door was locked again. In the downstairs sauna room, it has been good for the snake to cool off on a cold stone floor.

At some point, the snake has apparently gone upstairs in search of food.

What is special about the case is that Bensky’s daughter’s wolf dog had visited the house almost daily without getting bitten by a snake.

Once the snake had already been exposed and picked up, the dog immediately recognized the smell of the snake from the bathroom.

Afterwards Bensky is horrified by the idea that he lived in the same house with the snake for a week.

“Whenever you hear these Horror stories from Africa, I’m that huh huh. And then this happened to us. Luckily, I found a snake and not a wife, ”Bensky said.

The couple has lived in the same house for 26 years.

They have seen snakes nearby only twice before.



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