HS Espoo | A spectacular ring was found in Espoo in 1997, the owner of which is still being sought – The name engraved on the side is the only thin clue

A spectacular ring was found at a bus stop in Espoo 25 years ago. Who is “Irene” to whom it probably belongs?

The ring the long journey began 25 years ago.

High school student living in Souka, Espoo, in January 1997 Aleksi Hiltunen found a ring that looked old.

There were four small stones in the ring, and because of its size, it seemed to fit a woman’s finger.

The ring rested on snowy ground at a bus stop on Merenkulkijankatu, in the Gulf of Espoon.

As it should be, Hiltunen transported the ring to the lost property office at the Kilo Police Department.

It was still a time when social media wasn’t beeping on everyone’s phone, so there weren’t really any other ways to find the owner of the ring. Even today, police urge you to take the lost property to the police station.

Hiltunen redeemed the discovery for himself, for the real owner never missed the ring from the police department.

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Hiltunen recalls that he redeemed the ring for FIM 120 in processing costs. The money felt great about the high school boy then.

“The intention was to take the ring for evaluation and sell it as scrap gold, but that’s where it remained at the bottom of the chest of drawers. It has been running out of miscellaneous scrap for 25 years. ”

Life took Hilti.

There were moves, the ring moved from one home to another. Eventually, Hiltunen settled in Porvoo.

In January Hiltunen’s hand accidentally fumbled for the old ring. It lay at the bottom of a box containing miscellaneous stuff.

“It came to my mind that now, during the Internet, you could try your luck if the ring could still be returned to its owner or relatives,” says Hiltunen.

Hiltunen posted a picture of the ring on a Facebook group Puskaradio Espoo. Maybe a person who lost a ring would be found through it?

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The ring the date engraved inside suggests that the original owner of the ring is hardly young anymore. Maybe he’s not alive, Hiltunen ponders.

Hiltunen considers the date a good sign. If someone can say the right date or even an approximate time, Hiltunen trusts the ring to go to the right owner.

In addition to the date, a name is engraved on the ring Irene.

“I only give up the ring if I trust it ends up at the right address,” Hiltunen says.

OLISIKO ring to give up? However, Hiltunen has kept it for decades.

“It wouldn’t feel bad. Sometimes it has occurred to me that it would give me a few euros, ”he begins.

“But for someone else, the ring may have an emotional value that is greater than the value of the ring when fused.”

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