HS Espoo | A gentle puppy was looking for friends in Espoo via Finland – The flood of contacts surprised the family

Poodle puppy Rudi would like to play with children in Southern Espoo. There are up to queues.

Quite such a reaction is not in Espoo In Ella Järvi had in mind.

He published a message from the Facebook group Puskaradio Espoo, looking for friends for his puppy.

“Would there be children in Southern Espoo used to dogs (from toddlers to about 10 years old) that our 12-week-old poodle could meet even in the park?” Lake asked on Facebook.

Answers began to flood.

In Westend Ella Järvi, a resident, got a Rudi puppy two weeks ago when the dog arrived in Finland from Poland.

“Rudi is calm, gentle and kind. She is also brave and wants to say hello to everyone, ”Järvi describes the puppy.

It would be good to meet the children from the puppy, as Järvi is planning a therapy dog ​​from Rudi. When you grow up, it could work in a children’s hospital, library or nursing home, for example.

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“So we want the dog to get to know the children from an early age and be able to behave with them,” Järvi explains.

There are a couple of children in Järvi’s family, but otherwise there are no children in the circle of acquaintances.

“Then I asked the Facebook group when I couldn’t think of anything else.”

According to its owner Ella Järvi, the Rudi dog is gentle and brave.

Contacts came in abundance. Even so much that Järvi had to shut down commenting on his Facebook chain.

At least dog-loving children from the age of 1.5 to the age of ten wanted to date Rudi. Other dogs would like to meet Rudia as well.

“The messages repeated that children are animal-loving. Many parents were also happy that when, for one reason or another, they can’t take their own pet, now the child still has the opportunity to meet the dog, ”says Järvi.

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Puppy dating numerous have been agreed for the coming weeks.

Rudi last met the two-month-old baby of Järvi’s brother.

“The dog’s reaction was that it wanted to wash the baby’s face and hands,” Järvi says.

Next, Järvi may also be looking for senior playmates for Rudi.

Rudi’s life can be followed from his Instagram account @runopoikarudi.

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