HS Environment One of the gems of Uusimaa’s outdoor areas is located in the wigs of Espoo – Numerous ponds dotted with forest areas

In the former lands of Luukki Manor you can go around seven rounds of ponds. More than 900 hectares are recyclable.

Espoon in wigs Luukki is one of the pearls of the outdoor areas of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

This is Luukki’s outdoor area. The outdoor area established on the former lands of the manor is located on both sides of Vihdintie in Espoo, just over 20 kilometers from the center of Helsinki.

Despite its location, the outdoor area is owned by the City of Helsinki. In 1961, the City of Helsinki bought the manor’s land and formed the current outdoor area. The area attracts visitors from all municipalities in the region.

Luke, too the outdoor area is partly a nature reserve, and the city’s outdoor trails also run through the nature reserve. In the north-eastern and north-western parts of Luukki there are extensive protected forest areas: the trench areas of Kaitalampi and Luukka. There is plenty of touring on an area of ​​over 900 acres and the trails run in many places along lakes or small ponds. There are numerous lakes and ponds of different sizes in the area.

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Walking routes leaving Luke’s manor. There are also kitchen canopies in the area where you can enjoy your own snacks.

The website of Luukki Manor states that the manor has been mentioned in documents since 1601 and is named after the Luke of Sigfridin according to who lived in the village in the early 17th century. There is still a bit of confusion about Luke and Luke. The current yellow main building of the manor dates from 1925.

In the outdoor area there are three circular routes of 2.5, 5.6 and 8.6 kilometers. The shortest of the routes is green, the middle is blue and the longest is yellow.

Signboards are in the vicinity of the main building and along Vihdintie in Kaitalammi.

The yellow round is the so-called round of seven ponds or seven lakes. It goes around Hepolampi, Kierlampi, Hauklammi, Mustalampi, Väärälammi, Halkolampi and Kaitalampi.

In winter, the walking trails serve as traditional skiing trails. You can get to Petikko in Vantaa along the outdoor routes. Part of the route is only used in winter, when the trail bottoms are possible to do so, weather permitting.

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Dogs and other pets must be kept tethered in the area, but dogs can be kept free in the large dog park in the area.

Firefighting is allowed in kitchen canopies and built-in fireplaces.

The area is not accessible due to hard-bottomed outdoor routes and steep hills. However, some sections of the route are very easy to navigate.

You can drive to the Luukki outdoor area from Helsinki’s Elielinaukio bus station with bus number 345 in about an hour. From Myyrmäki station in Vantaa, Luukki can be reached in about 20 minutes by bus number 375. Parking areas are in the vicinity of the main building and golf course, at Kaita and Halkolammi.

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