HS Environment “It Feels Like We Were Noticed” – Scout Boys’ Message for Nature and Peace Awakens World Climate Decision Makers

Letter decision-makers.

It was the task of the Tampere Raccoon Adventure Team on the day of remembrance of the scouts. The mission led eight 11-year-old scout boys to think about a common world and future.

The concerns are big. The boys are concerned about the world, nature and climate. They hope that there will be more peace and equality in the future, as well as clean energy and a smaller carbon footprint.

Then a letter was written. The boys dictated the content and hoped that decision-makers would take their wishes into account in their decision-making. Leader of the adventure team belonging to the Kaleva Bears Scout Flag Satu-Maria Turunen wrote the letter clean and forwarded.

And to the decision makers, the letter progressed, even though one of the boys at the meeting doubted anyone would read it.

The letter was blown away when it was received by the researcher Tero Mustonenone of the co – authors of a new report by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Through Mustonen, the message of the boys – Miro, Sisu, Jesse, Tapio, Daniel, Joao and Toivo, and Juha, even though he was not at the meeting – progressed to the UN and world climate decision-makers.

These moved and said that the letter would give them the strength to work for the future. Many said that I was a scout myself, Mustonen is even a former Kaleva Bear.

The voice of the Raccoons team had been heard. The letter was a reminder to decision makers about who they are doing the future for.

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Now four raccoons meet at the scout assembly meeting in Tampere. The remaining four adventurers are on winter vacation.

The boys are happy, albeit a little confused, at the reception and attention they receive from their letter. Encouraging messages have come not only from climate decision-makers but also from politicians and the Scout Parliament, ie MPs.

“It became a little safer. It feels like we got noticed, ”he says Hope Huilla. He is concerned about the pollution of nature and the production of non-renewable energy.

“It was meant to remind you that something had to be done. It was still a surprise that the letter went so far,” he adds.

“I am proud of myself. We all are”, Miro Turunen says.

Turku’s mother and adventurer team leader Satu-Maria Turunen is also confused: “I’m like a halo of how well the letter took off.”

Turunen reminds that all the things in the letter came from the boys themselves.

“These boys are smart guys. Nature is strongly part of the Scouts ’activities, and peace came up in the reflections many times. Of course, I did not expect the wish for world peace to come true in this way, ”he says.

The letter was born at a raccoon meeting on Wednesday, February 23rd. The next morning there was a war in Ukraine.

Coming adults think about many big things.

“The climate is worrying. Climate change can no longer be stopped, ”he says Tapio Howard.

“You can slow down,” Miro Turunen points out.

Others nod.

“But the seas rise when the ice melts. Cities can be submerged. And the seas get rubbish when people throw rubbish into nature. Then the fish eat those rubbish, ”Howard continues.

Littering has also been considered Jooa the Hedgehog, who is also considering the treatment of farm animals: “I have seen the documentary from the slaughterhouse. It looked awful when the animals were treated really badly on a large meat farm. ”

“We have to make sure that the animals have a good life,” says Turunen.

“You don’t always have to eat meat. And if you eat, it can be organic and responsibly produced, ”Howard points out.

Toivo Huilla (left), Jooa Siilinkari, Tapio Howard and Miro Turunen, members of the Kaleva Bear Scout Flags, are proud that their concerns were noticed due to the letter.

On the day of remembrance the scouts wondered what they themselves could do for the future. The purpose is to think of scouts from other countries and arouse a desire to help the disadvantaged.

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The day is celebrated on February 22 by the lord of the founding of the Scout Movement Robert Baden-Powellin as well as his wife, who had influenced the girls as a scout leader Olave Baden-Powellin in honor of.

In 2022–2024, the theme of the scout movement is a common world, a common future.

Common the boys from Tampere are also thinking about the future in their letter to the decision-makers.

The boys hope for peace: “We would like to have a safe and independent Finland in the future. At our meeting today, we will also consider the scouts and children who live in the midst of fear and are concerned and even a little afraid of the situation and peace in the world. ”

They are concerned about the state of nature: “We would like to see a steady shift towards a smaller carbon footprint in the future, with greener industries and greener products. We hope that in the future we can easily make more responsible choices ourselves. We want clean nature, and we believe that even minor environmental crimes include responsibility and even punishment. ”

And about the realization of equality: “We would like people to be more equal in the future than they are today. We want even more attention to be paid to economic equality in the future and for everyone to have a standard of living that allows them to buy food, clothing and medicine. ”

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