HS Environment “If we use nature to our advantage, it will punish us mercilessly” – Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Prince Charles spoke like one mouth at the UN Nature Conference

At the beginning of the high-level meeting of the UN Conference on Nature, the number one guard of world leaders was heard. HS compiled the main quotations.

12.10. 16:27

China’s The UN Nature Conference, hosted by the United Nations, began on Tuesday with speeches by the world’s number one leaders.

The aim of the meeting is to halt the global loss of nature by increasing the number of protected areas to 30% of the planet’s surface area, reducing the amount of toxins, nutrients and plastic waste, and increasing funding for nature conservation.

The meeting will be held in two parts this week and next spring at the turn of April-May. The high-level meeting of the October meeting began on Tuesday.

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The President of China got the vote Xi Jinping, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of France Emmanuel Macron and the UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

Leaders, who often disagreed, spoke this time like one mouth for nature. Of course, only the continuation of the meeting will show how the speeches will become a deed.

The meeting will implement the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. The treaty was ratified as early as 1993. Yet the world’s biodiversity as a whole is still deteriorating.

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HS compiled the most relevant sayings of the speakers for this article.

Asian elephants rested in Yunnan province, China. Surprisingly, a group of 14 elephants who moved from their homeland received worldwide attention in late summer, and now China has also raised the same elephants as a symbol of the goals of the UN Wildlife Conference.

Xi Jinping, China

China’s president Xi Jinping spoke of leaders first.

“When we take nature into account, it rewards us. If we take advantage of nature, it will punish us mercilessly, ”Xi said.

China, the host country, has given this year’s COP15 Nature Conference a beautiful title: “Ecological Civilization – Building a Common Future for All Life on Earth.”

The word “harmony” was repeated in the speech over and over again.

“If man does not deceive nature, nature does not deceive us,” Xi stated.

Xi also referred to the economic importance of nature as a provider of ecosystem services. “Green mountains are also gold mountains and silver mountains.”

Preserving natural capital is an investment in the future, explains Cambridge, a much-quoted economist Partha Dasgupta.

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However, the meeting will debate how developed countries and developing countries share the financial burden of nature conservation here and now.

China is positioning itself as a further developing country in the negotiations.

On the other hand, Xi said China is setting an example by setting up a “Kunming Fund” to support developing countries in protecting biodiversity, in which China will invest some € 200 million in seed capital.

Vladimir Putin spoke on Tuesday for nature and stressed the size of Russia’s protected areas. Putin photographed on October 4th.

Vladimir Putin, Russia

Russian president Vladimir Putin got to talk after Xin.

“These concerns are now more relevant than ever,” he noted.

“We are committed to working with all countries to preserve our common living environment.”

Putin said about 25 percent of Russia’s land is already under some form of protection. “Believe me when I say it’s a huge area.”

Putin mentioned that Russia’s forests are a major carbon sink on a global scale, especially if the fight against forest fires could be improved.

Putin highlighted the positions of the Russian Amur Leopard and the Siberian Tiger, which have been confirmed, although the Amur Leopard in particular is still extremely endangered.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expressed concern at the UN nature conference about refugee flows caused by nature loss. Erdoğan photographed on September 29th.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey

Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan began his speech by highlighting the human consequences of the deterioration of nature.

Healthy nature is often the most effective protection against extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change.

In the wake of the Arab Spring, Turkey has become one of the largest recipients of refugees in the world.

“It’s well known that everything in nature is connected in the same way as chain links,” Erdoğan said. “Natural disasters are causing immigration and that is why the Mediterranean is becoming a cemetery for refugees,” the Turkish president said.

In addition, Erdoğan spoke of nature as a national treasure. He recalled that there are thousands of species in Turkey that are not found anywhere else on Earth.

“It puts a special responsibility on our shoulders.”

In her speech, Emmanule Macron stressed that there is no healthy humanity without healthy nature.

Emmanuel Macron, France

French president Emmanuel Macron began his speech by stating that man must begin to live with nature and not at the expense of nature.

“Nature must become the core of our entire future development model,” he said.

The aerial view shows traces of a forest fire on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. When burned, large amounts of carbon dioxide are released from forests. As they grow, forests sequester carbon from the air and help combat climate change.

According to Macron, forests and other habitats are our “first allies” in the fight against climate change. “We need to have two goals at the same time: both carbon neutrality and conserving biodiversity.”

Macron said France is committed to the goal of this UN meeting and the EU’s nature strategy of protecting 30% of land and sea.

He also stressed that any major investment in the future must be either environmentally positive or neutral. According to Macron, it is not just a question of nature conservation, but also of human health.

“I want to repeat this: we can’t live healthy on a sick planet.”

Prince Charles is one of the most famous long-term conservationists in the world. Prince Charles photographed in Scotland on 9 September.

Prince Charles, Britain

Tuesday the British prince was also heard Charlesia, which has been known for decades as an avid conservationist.

“I have dedicated much of my life to restoring harmony between man and nature,” Charles said of his video greeting at first in front of flower curtains and bouquets.

The prince thinks we should now focus on three things in particular. Firstly, everyone should be made to commit to the 30% protection target. “It is absolutely crucial,” the prince stated. “Nature must be placed at the heart of economic decision-making.”

Secondly, he stressed the need to increase natural capital by eliminating environmentally harmful financial subsidies. At this point, the prince recalled the innumerable solutions that nature has already given to man.

Humpback whale stocks have recently strengthened. However, this individual, swimming in Mexican waters, was stuck in a fishing net.

Mosquitoes have been modeled in the development of painless injection needles, and wind turbines and air conditioners have been made quieter and more energy efficient by modeling humpback fins.

Thirdly, Prince Charles emphasized that agriculture has a key role to play in creating a sustainable future if policies are changed to support the biography.

“Agriculture could play a crucial role in this change. At the same time, we would get new life in the countryside. ”


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