HS analysis Will the events open or not? This is a mess that the government can only blame on itself

The government’s weak foresight and rapid change of mind put regional government agencies in a difficult position, writes political journalist Teemu Muhonen in his analysis.

Culture- and sporting events will be launched on Friday in southern Finland in a state of embarrassment: according to the regulation of the regional government agency that has just entered into force, two-meter safety intervals and separate blocks must be arranged in the auditoriums again. The government again on Thursday declared the Minister of Science and Culture Antti Kurvisen (middle) at the mouththat safety clearances and auditorium blocks be abandoned.

What is the mess about?

President of the HIFK football club Christopher Perret described situation into a struggle between the government and the ai. Theater Viral Artistic Director Jussi Sorjonen again doubtedthat restrictions have become aville a matter of prestige.

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In reality, Avit has acted in accordance with the law, expert opinions, and government guidelines. Instead, the government’s weak foresight and rapid change of mind are now putting the authorities in a difficult position.

Therefore, it is still obscure whether the restrictions will be lifted in the coming weeks as expressed by the government.

Butter it seems strange that safety gaps cannot be abandoned and events opened only when the government of the country so wishes. However, according to the Constitution, all public activities must be based on the law.

According to a temporary change in the law being prepared by the government, Avit may, if necessary, require two-meter safety intervals indoors to contain the epidemic. And issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in the summer help according to avien should prescribe safety intervals and auditorium blocks for indoor events in difficult disease areas.

This is exactly how the Avit of Southern Finland and Southwest Finland, for example, have worked. These include, for example, statements from hospital districts and the Department of Health and Welfare on the basis ofthat a safety distance of two meters is required due to the disease situation.

Now the government is surprisingly of the opinion that avien should review its interpretations. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health issued on Thursday cover letter, where it recommends to the open that low-risk events could be organized without strict restrictions.

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The guide emphasizes that it is not legally binding and that discretion is left open. So the letter itself does not change anything. In practice, the Ministry is proposing the possibility of applying the current law in a different way.

Minister Kurvinen still rejoiced at the letter of formal notice, saying that “the rationalization of restrictions in the field of culture and events is finally progressing”.

If the current restrictions have been absurd, the government can only blame them. The government has consistently wanted to limit events to curb the epidemic, but now its mind has changed.

In addition to the advancement of vaccinations, the reason for the change in mind is probably the frustration of the cultural and event industry and the growing political pressure.

Yet it is not at all clear that the requirements for safety margins will be removed. That’s not because Avit wouldn’t want to follow the government’s recommendation.

However, the legislation prepared by the government is so rigid that giving up safety gaps in only some of the events can prove difficult.

The requirement for safety distances of two meters has been enshrined in law by the will of the government. The Avit could, in principle, repeal the provisions they have made under that section of the law. In that case, the safety interval requirement would be removed everywhere, including, for example, indoor exercise facilities.

It would be quite peculiar if the avi of Southern Finland unexpectedly repealed an order everywhere that officials considered necessary a week ago.

Thus, avi should probably pile up new regulations that exclude part of the interior from the two-meter safety gap requirement for organizing events.

For example, the senior manager of Southwest Finland Heikki Mäki considers that such a separation of premises does not work.

“We have six regional government agencies, countless different occasions, events, general meetings in different spaces, dozens of cinemas and so on. The regional government agency does not have any conditions to assess, for example, the ventilation or access to all the different premises. My own assessment is that this will be a complete impossibility, ”Mäki told HS on Thursday night.

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The regional government agencies announced on Friday that they would assess the impact of the ministry’s letter of guidance as soon as possible. No new decisions are expected until next week.

Uncertainty continuation can frustrate many. Minister Kurvinen estimates honestly In an interview with Finlandthat the government is responsible for the situation.

“The government needs to be able to make decisions and policies that do not create such ambiguity for citizens,” Kurvinen said.

Disagreements within the government, inadequate changes to the Communicable Diseases Act and the delay in the letter of instruction have put Avit in a difficult position.

It is likely that the government would seek to remedy the situation by amending the Communicable Diseases Act, but it will take time.

As with the corona passport, the government is one step behind its own changes of mind in legislation on restrictions. So it is now seeking, with a letter of instruction, to save what is salvageable.



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