HS analysis When the need for hospital care grew in the spring as it is today, the government declared a “closed state” – Now the government wants to lift the rest of the restrictions

Despite the worsening disease situation, the government has a high threshold to push for tighter restrictions. The corona passport can only become widely used if restrictions are tightened.

Coronary heart disease Therefore, there were 180 patients in hospital in Finland on Monday. The figure is almost the same as at the end of February, when the government outlined a three-week “lockout” in Finland. Now the direction is different.

The government has promised that even the last restrictions on restaurants will be lifted during October. Regional authorities have already lifted restrictions on public events and gatherings throughout the country.

The lifting of restrictions is justified by the improvement of vaccination coverage. On Sunday, the proportion of those completely vaccinated by the age of 12 was about 73.6 percent. So there is still a long way to go to reach the government’s target of 80%. The virus is spreading, and especially unvaccinated but also vaccinated people need to be hospitalized.

With the Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd) photographed in August dramatically, Finland was on the “knife edge,” he was even a little laughed at. Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) was already earlier in August after returning from vacation, promised that the government would strive to keep society open.

Now, at least in the government, there is no laughing at Kiuru. Decision makers are again in a difficult situation.

Two weeks ago, the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) and Minister Kiuru, as well as officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM), opposed the rapid easing of restaurant restrictions. However, Kiuru ‘s tight line disappeared when Marin settled down opening position.

Last week, Marin denied criticizing THL and STM for lifting the restrictions too quickly.

“We cannot keep society closed and these restrictions apply only because some people have not wanted to take the vaccine,” said the Prime Minister. justified.

There has been great pressure to lift restrictions. Justifying restrictions for people and companies becomes more difficult the more Finns who have not applied for the vaccine of their own volition are hospitalized.

There has been great pressure to lift restrictions.

On the other hand action will sooner or later be needed if the need for hospital care becomes too great. The government has already embarked on a rapid lifting of restaurant restrictions, it would be politically embarrassing now to reverse.

Government sources say in background discussions that tightening restrictions is not even discussed within the government. The intention is still to get the rest of the restaurant restrictions lifted.

The government hopes that regional authorities will be able, if necessary, to curb the spread of the epidemic with the most targeted restrictions possible. In this way, politicians themselves would not have to get entangled in tightening restrictions.

New a piece of corona passport brings a piece to an already quite complex constraint puzzle. Its use is likely to become possible next Saturday, said the chairman of the Social and Health Committee Markus Lohi (middle) on tuesday.

Director of THL’s Health Safety Department Mika Salminen has hoped that the corona passport would be introduced as soon as possible, for example, in bars and nightclubs – that is, in nightlife situations where the risk of infection is high.

There are still big risks for them, and this applies especially to the unvaccinated, ”Salminen said last week.

However, the government’s proposal makes it possible to require an interest rate passport only in customer premises subject to restrictions. Companies cannot require an interest rate passport if there are no restrictions in place.

With current restrictions, a corona passport can only be introduced in practice in nightclubs in five provinces. A passport can only become more widely used if restrictions are tightened by the state or regions.

The corona passport can, in principle, make it easier to tighten restrictions, as companies would be able to continue operating. Nevertheless, the government’s threshold for tightening restaurant restrictions, for example, is currently quite high.


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