HS analysis The departure of Elo’s CEO Satu Huber was due to bad governance – the risk game with earnings-related pension funds crashes to everyone’s detriment

Elo’s Supervisory Board has a total of 40 members

The task of Elo’s Supervisory Board is to supervise the company’s administration by the Board of Directors and the President and CEO. The Supervisory Board has 40 members, whose background and term of office Elo describes as follows:

Ansu Saarela, CFO, Bauhaus & Co Ky, resigning in 2022

Antti Hakala, Director, Trade Union Pro, resigning in 2021

Antti Rantalainen, President and CEO, Rantalainen-Yhtiöt oy, resigning in 2021

Harri Miettinen, President and CEO, Kymen Seudun Osuuskauppa, resigning in 2022

Heidi Jaara, Member of the Board, Balmuir oy, resigning in 2022

Heikki Pesu, President and CEO, Are oy, resigning in 2022

Ilkka Brotherus, Chairman of the Board, Sinituote oy, resigning in 2021

Jaana Ylitalo, Director of Advocacy, Service Industry Trade Union PAM ry, resigning in 2021

Janne Ylinen, President and CEO, Kokkolan Halpa-Halli oy, resigns in 2022

Juha Hakkarainen, Director of Forestry Federation of Agricultural and Forestry Producers MTK ry, resigning in 2022

Kalle Kujanpää, CFO, Finn-Power oy, resigns in 2021

Katariina Poskiparta, CEO, Student Health Care Foundation, resigning in 2022

Kimmo Simberg, President and CEO, Etelä-Pohjanmaan Osuuskauppa, resigning in 2023

Lasse Laurikainen, Chairman of the Board, Helsinki Engineers HI ry, resigning in 2021

Leena-Mari Lähteenmaa, President and CEO, CGI Suomi oy, resigning in 2022

Maria Hanho, owner-entrepreneur, Vaissi oy, resigns in 2023

Marko Piirainen, Chairman, Automotive and Transport Workers’ Union AKT ry, resigning in 2023

Martti Ala-Härkönen, CFO, Caverion Corporation, resigning in 2023

Mats Nyman, Executive Vice President, Private Sector Supervisors and Experts YTY ry, resigning in 2022

Mikael Pentikäinen, President and CEO, Finnish Entrepreneurs, resigning in 2023

Mikko Salo, Executive Director, Loimu ry, Association of Natural, Environmental and Forest Scientists, resigning in 2021

Millariikka Rytkönen, Chairman, Tehy ry, resigning in 2021

Nanna Hietala, Chairman of the Board, MSK Group oy, resigns in 2023

Olavi Kaukonen, President and CEO, A-Clinic Foundation, resigning in 2023

Olli Sarekoski, President and CEO, Veikkaus oy, resigns in 2021

Olli Vormisto, President and CEO, Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa, resigning in 2023

Pekka Eloholma, President and CEO, Sitowise oy, resigning in 2022

Pekka Kampman, Construction Director, Y Foundation, resigning in 2023

Pekka Metsi, President and CEO, Granlund oy, resigns in 2022

Pentti Virtanen, Deputy Chairman of the Board, FSP Finnish Steel Painting oy, resigning in 2021

Satu Yrjänen, President and CEO, Kantar TNS oy, resigning in 2021

Sauli Huikuri, Chairman of the Board, Hätälä oy, resigning in 2021

Stefan Borgman, Chairman, METO Forestry Experts Association, resigning in 2022

Terhi Penttilä, President and CEO, Länsilinjat oy, resigning in 2023

Timo Mäki-Ullakko, President and CEO, Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa, resigning in 2021

Tommi Sova, President and CEO, Intrum oy, resigning in 2023

Ulla Hopponen, CFO, Finnish Industry Association, resigning in 2022

Veli-Matti Kuntonen, Chairman, Finnish Food Workers’ Association SEL ry, resigning in 2021

Vesa Aallosvirta, head of the organization, Finnish Industry Association, resigning in 2023

Ville-Veikko Rantamaula, Advocacy Director, Tradenomiliitto TRAL ry, resigning in 2023

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