HS analysis The authors of Bob Dylan’s biographies started a war of words under the 80th anniversary of the Nobel Laureate: One barks at the other as a “bull digger,” the other as “obsessive”

For mud printer lovers: Clinton Heyl and Howard Sounes bark at each other’s Dylan biographies.

Nobel laureate Bob Dylanin biographers have embarked on a verbal mudguard that compares in toxicity to the bitterest lyrics of the legendary singer-songwriter such as Positively 4th Street and Idiot Wind.

The mud throw started with several Dylan books done Clinton Heylin in the new The Double Life of Bob Dylan Vol 1 1941-1966: A Restless, Hungry Feeling in his book.

The target of the attack is Howard Sounes, who made a biography of Dylan that sold nearly 200,000 copies Down The Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan in 2001. The new supplement will be published appropriately just before Dylan’s 80th anniversary on May 24th.

Heylin considers Sounes to be a “mediocre former yellow press reporter” and a “professional bull digger”. In the introduction, Sounesia is barked on eight different occasions.

Sounes give back The Guardian magazine in an interview. “I would say for myself that Heylin is full of himself. His books are very long and loose. They focus on interpretations of Dylan’s songs, which is extremely boring. ”

Sounes, accused of imperfection in literacy, points out that Heyl can’t even spell the title of Sounes ’book correctly.

Sounes admits that Heylin’s first biography of Dylan Behind the Shades was important, but since then Heylin has made a total of 13 Dylan books, according to his calculations, which seems “obsessive” and mainly “serving fans at the forefront of Dylan’s concerts”.

Heylin is jealous, Sounes concludes. It was Sounes who revealed in 2001 that Dylan had entered into his second marriage in 1986, this time as his backing singer. Carolyn Dennis with. The Covert Alliance and the daughter born of it rose to headlines around the world and helped make the book a bestseller.

Heylin missed her lower nail because of her Behind The Shades Take Two its institution from 2000 was left without the scouts of Sounes, which were based on a basic journalistic review of official documents in various agencies and archives. Thus, for example, the development of Dylan’s wealth received new light only in the book of Sounes.

By chance I evaluated the books of Sounes and Heylin 20 years ago, and the writing can be found behind this link.

Jo Heylin Behind The Shadesin the introduction of the first facility in 1991 was originally self-conscious and stated that Dylan was self-assisted Anthony Scaduton and Robert Sheltonin biographies are not enough. Only Heylin himself would properly deal with Dylan’s 1970s and 1980s as well.

This was largely true, and the supplemented editions are contributing merit.

Both have conducted extensive interviews, although Dylan himself has not assisted these biographers. Unlike Sounes, Heylin is also passionate about exploring bootlegs, raw songs off record, and alternative takeovers. He’s always ready to tell when Dylan made all the wrong song choices from the recorded material.

Sounes is a cooler journalist who is no more passionate about music and lyrics for Dylan and Paul McCartney in their biographies. I don’t consider him an actual “mud thrower,” but yes, the 250 interviews for Dylan’s book involve a few obscene details. The former swings even criticized the level of personal hygiene of a charmer accustomed to tour conditions.

The book also reveals that as wealth grew, Dylan placed his female friends in his homes in different cities so that there have been swings in several homes at the same time.

If instead of the person being interested in the production itself, there is a wealth of factual and academic research on it.

Dylan was the first to perform folk with a rock attitude and was the first to bring folk and modern poetry themes and resources to rock poetry.

In analyzing this aspect, for example Greil Marcus and again the publisher of the new Dylan book Michael Gray have gotten deeper into Heylin and Sounes, who have become quarrelsome.

Dylan itself was last year Rough and Rowdy Ways on the record is a master of intertextuality and both a playful and profound word user. In my opinion, the whole was the strongest since 2006 Modern Times unless as early as 1997 Time Out Of Mind masterpiece.

So there is still something for researchers to update – and update.

Bob Dylan at Pori Jazz in 2014.­

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