HS analysis Helmarit closed their defenses and straightened out their attacks – for these reasons, Finland earned a place in the European Championships.

When the women’s A national team left in October 2017 to play the opening match of the World Cup qualifiers against Serbia, the team had nine players from the domestic league. Last Friday, the team, with only two of their players playing at home, won the European Championship venue.

We have gone ahead.

After the World Cup qualifiers that ended two years ago, the national team coaching team wanted players for better clubs and better operating environments. It has succeeded.

Player development is one of the factors that took Helmari to the competition for the first time since 2013.

Another important point is the development of the team game, it can be seen in the statistics. A united team will play in the 2022 European Championships in England. And third is the auspicious lottery.

In the qualifiers ending today, the average Fifa ranking of Finnish opponents was 61. In the previous World Cup qualifiers it was 34 and in the previous European Championship qualifiers 45. The opponents were therefore tougher at that time.

National team assistant coach Lars Mosanderin according to these European Championship qualifiers, the pace and physicality of the team had to change.

Helmarit is now a tougher and tougher team. It takes and gives shocks better and manages to run tirelessly. It has been seen three times in the last minutes of the matches when Helmarit has scored a decisive goal.

Without effective defense, there will be no success. In seven qualifiers, the team scored just two goals.

Based on the match expectations, Finland should have conceded 1.5 goals per match in two Scottish matches, but only Finland left Scotland without goals in both matches.

In addition to defense, Finland has the advantage of an excellent goalkeeper Tinja-Riikka Korpela, who, if necessary, make winning fights.

The team uniform defensive play, squeeze play and details of area defense have been filed for a long time in the exercises.

“We’ve been looking closely at the distances between players and lines. It’s hard to play ball between our lines. If the opponent succeeds in that, we know who the player is squeezing and how the others will react, ”Mosander says.

In the current way of playing, the ball control is favorably handed over to the opponent in matches where the opponent is equally strong or stronger than Finland.

According to the statistical company MyCoazhi, Finland’s ball control percentage in the previous qualifiers was 46, which is lower than in the previous European Championship qualifiers in 2015–2016. At that time, Suomi held the ball, with a clear 49 percent of possession.

In the ball game of helmsmen, the average speed of the ball was 5.9 meters per second, according to MyCoazh, which indicates a fairly straightforward attacking game.

For comparison, it can be mentioned that in the men’s national team’s European Championship qualifiers, Finland moved the ball 6.15 meters per second.

The straightforwardness of the Helmari attacking game is also indicated by the fact that the team fed the ball an average of 42 times into the opponent’s penalty area during the qualifiers. In previous European Championship qualifiers, this happened an average of 15 times per match.

Defense game a couple of areas stand out clearly from the statistics.

In the European Championship qualifiers, Finland has won as many as 93 per cent of the main game competitions in its own defensive quarter. In previous European Championship qualifiers, Finland’s profit percentage in these statistics was 75.

In the previous qualifiers, the opponent has entered the Finnish penalty area an average of 26 times in the match. Only 29 percent of the feeds have resulted in a shot attempt or follow-up feed.

According to Mosander, overcoming situations also depends a lot on the attitude of the players. Toppers Anna Westerlundia and Natalia Kuikka it is difficult to win in the main balls.

“We now have some players who are clearly good main players.”

National team according to longtime credit leader Anna Westerlund, team unity is one of the cornerstones of success.

“I feel like we’re stepping on the field that everyone knows their role. It feels like this team is a family. It’s easy to be on the defensive line when the whole team is working for the defense. ”

According to Westerlund, 31, the team’s improved condition is reflected in the final goals of the matches in the last seconds of the matches. A topper playing at Åland United does the extra work after club club practice to stay in the shape required by international matches.

“I have to take on my responsibilities to be on the national team.”

The award for the work came on Friday, but the team wants to end the qualifiers with a win.

“Of course, when we have such a vibe on, we want to win Cyprus. We won’t leave the game jacket open. ”

Cyprus-Finland at 19.00 Finnish time. Yle TV2 are playing match.


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