HS analysis Completing the film Omerta is a win-win situation, but can Antti J. Jokinen’s career be saved?

There are winners and losers in the Omerta thriller, which was completed through difficult stages, and filmmaker Antti J. Jokinen is not the only culprit in the mess, writes film editor Veli-Pekka Lehtonen.

All know that movies are an illusion, light and shadow play on the screen and on the screen. It is rare for people to think that making movies is like believing in illusion.

At first, the film is just an idea, an image in the brain of a screenwriter or director, a summary of the story in a file. For an idea to turn into a film, the filmmaker must “sell” his or her idea to funders, then to co-workers, and finally to the public. The author must make everyone charm with their idea.

For years film director Antti J. Jokinen has been one of the toughest masters of this illusion game in Finland.

Everyone has been trusted, and others have been willing to take risks on his name. Jokinen has managed to speak to funders, screenwriters, actors, producers, critics, foundations, partners and, of course, the general public.

Antti J. Jokinen

The films directed by Jokinen testify to this Sofi Oksasen and Katja Ketun novels (Purifying and Midwife) and Helene Schjerfbeckin about life. Jokinen, who started as a creator of music videos, focuses on visuals and strong acting performances.

Now, however, Jokinen’s career is in jeopardy. The reason is a film project that has run aground Omerta 6/12. The film was released in theaters on Friday after difficulties.

Author Ilkka Remeksen based on a novel Omertafilm, or actually two original films, was one of Antti Jokinen’s big dreams. Jokinen developed, designed and prepared the thriller for the castle celebrations for years.

The dream began to break in the autumn of 2020 when filming was interrupted and Antti Jokinen fell aside.

On sick leave, it was said. The exit of the river meant a million production running fast at the wall.

According to the filmmakers I interviewed, the end of Jokinen’s director’s wash was influenced by a sad combination of workload, exhaustion, and alcohol.

Jokinen was responsible for a lot: he was not only the director of the film, but also its screenwriter, producer, the main owner of the production company, and the chairman of the board. The boss himself.

When a person loaded with such a load becomes ill, difficulties are promised – whether they are building a house or a giant film production. In the descriptions led by each the atmosphere became inflamed and not safety regulations have always been complied with.

Now Omerta 6/12 is ready, on behalf of another director, and the end result is not flattering. “Failure” and “stubbornness” have been quality words of criticism alongside “mediocrity”.

However, knowing the difficulties of production, the completion of the film is a win-win and a testament to the iron-skinned skills of the backing forces and the multi-hundred-person team.

Jokinen has been blamed for the failure, but is the failure of risk management in film production of more than eight million euros still the sole responsibility of a key man?

Starring Jasper Pääkkönen lamented the inadequacy of the script In an interview with Suomen Kuvalehti. It can be concluded that for the planned second part of the film, Omerta for 7/12, there was no completed manuscript in the funding phase. How is that even possible? The handler should have been on the table for dozens of people to see.

The President of the Republic and his spouse at the Omerta 6/12 Castle Festival. In the film, they are played by Robert Enckell and Gaila Järvsalu.

Of course, the financiers have been involved in yellowing, as is known as a hockey player Saku Koivu, and outsiders cannot be expected to understand the laws of filmmaking. But what have the film financing professionals, the Swedish-run distribution company SF Studios, the TV channel C More and Business Finland, which shoveled public money for the film, and the Finnish Film Foundation done?

Is there a classic mistake made by chase skiers: when one is charmed, the others have followed and not met the pig in the sack? Did everyone see dollar pictures in their eyes when Jasper Pääkkönen, who played a few Hollywood roles, was involved in the project?

Ilkka Remeksen In the past, it has been considered too expensive to film films in Finland. Now the logging of Jokinen and his background forces brought together a million pots. Nevertheless, it is a step towards the internationalization of Finnish cinema. Omerta there is also a feather in the hat for its creators, especially stunt professionals, because no similar film has been made here.

For example, the main action scene in the film, the chasing of cars in the heart of Helsinki, has been memorable.

It is also a step forward to be able to stop production in the midst of the crisis and still get it to the finish line. Would filming have been stopped as a precaution in the same way in the early 2000s? I do not believe.

Telling the public about the difficulties of the project has also been more than fair for the public. Multi Omertan even the author team now seems to be annoyed why the cursed film did not become a made of documentary.

Jokisen after falling ill, the background forces of the film found a new director. Aku Louhimies is the winner of the saga, for Omerta dropped into his arms at a time when he was at the bottom of his career, following the accusations made by the actors in the film industry persona non grata.

But Louhimies can’t do miracles either. His pair of sticks, screenwriter Jari Olavi Rantalan the new manuscript, which was drafted at high speed, was to be placed within the framework set by the funding, the agreed plans, and the filming locations. So Miner’s film still shines through Jokinen’s groundwork – including a big plan for two films.

The finished film has two powerful main plots, one of which ends in the middle like a wall. It’s not hard to guess that’s the point at first Omerta 6/12 out of stock and second Omerta 7/12, started.

Sure is that this OmertaThe loser of the mess is Antti J. Jokinen.

In the history of world cinema, the destruction of even big films is by no means unusual. The reasons are when there are financial difficulties, when there are personal conflicts, lack of professional skills or sheer misfortune. Often these projects are united by enormous ambition and, through it, big dreams, sometimes too big.

At the beginning of the 2010s, Jokinen tuned in “Finland’s most expensive film”, a fantasy film Nicholas Northia, which was to be described in Lapland and whose inspiration had been sought The Kalevala. The project did not materialize, and outside financiers laundered their money in court. The fraud charge crashed.

In 2017, Jokinen was attached to the TV director as the main director Bulletin. In the midst of great international production, however, Jokinen was moved aside, just like Even from Omerta, and directed the series to completion Pete Riski. The reason for the end of Jokinen’s wash was a mystery in public. The matter was silenced.

German actor Sibel Kekilli was one of the actors in the Bullets series.

Soon BulletsAfter the episode, Jokinen was charming new partners: assembling Omertateam as well as directing HeleneThe film was supported by, among others, the Finnish Film Foundation, the City of Hyvinkää, Helsingin Sanomat and the Jane and Aatos Erko Foundation.

I interviewed for this writing Omertan involved in production. I also wanted to hear about Antti J. Joki. He wrote a short Whatsapp message:

“I became seriously exhausted in 2020 and am still on sick leave. Seek and received help for my problems, that is, getting better. Omerta was a relevant and really important project for me. It took 4-5 years to develop and several rounds of funding. However, in the end, the development of the film is quite normal, if you compare it with my previous films, ”Jokinen wrote.

“Of course, I just wish the battery version success.”

Jokinen did not answer the detailed questions.

53 years old So Jokinen is going to get back to work, that is, to make film even stronger, possibly soon.

In the past, he has been told to tune in to the film, among other things Sofi Oksasen When the pigeons disappeared novel as well About the Moomins.

However, according to information confirmed from several sources, Jokinen would also be designing a high-class biography film.

That would be the story of a marshal C. G. E. of Mannerheim.

Is it realism? Can the master of illusion Jokinen once again charm the financiers and the most skilled people to pursue a big dream?

In the world of film, anything is possible. Omertan however, much needs to change after the events.

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