HS analysis Can the victory of demarches still break in Germany? – Financial crime links are now being dug, which could damage the reputation of the other party


Can will the victory of red demar tickets still be interrupted in the German election?

For a long time now, the support figures of the Christian Democratic CDU / CSU, which has so far experienced a humiliating and humiliating pollination, have seen shocks of strengthening.

In polls published this week, the rise in demarches seems to have stalled at 25-26 percent. The CDU / CSU has risen slightly, with support between 20.5 and 23%. Greens get 15 to 17 percent.

In addition to party support, polls are asking for a favorite as Chancellor. Demar candidate Olaf Scholz leads by far, but in recent polls his support had fallen slightly.

At the same time, the Christian Democrats Armin Laschetin and greens Annalena Baerbockin popularity has strengthened a bit.

Laschet is in jumbo, with 12.9 per cent, Scholz 33.5 per cent and Baerbock 14 per cent in the latest poll.

As the party’s election result is decisive, Laschet can still rise to the next Chancellor despite a lousy figure.

German the electoral arrangements are exceptional in their uncertainty.

In the last election, many research institutes predicted the support of both Christian Democrats and Demarians to the upper end, in part more than margins of error.

In addition, a record amount is said to be uncertain about its position.

There is now a battle over images that can still influence voters.

Last during the week, the Christian Democrat Laschet had a kind of feed on his shoulder.

The Osnabrück Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had carried out a home search in the Ministry of Finance Scholz. The purpose was bulletin to find out the connections of some employees to the police money laundering unit.

In retrospect, it has emerged that the prosecutor’s bulletin was misleadingly worded. At first, it was clear that neither Scholz nor his subordinates were suspected of financial crimes. Such an image could still arise in the handling of the matter.

Last pin the election election on Sunday Laschet accused Scholz of downplaying the case. If he had a Chancellor of the Exchequer acting in the same way as Scholz, “we would have a serious problem,” Laschet sobbed.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung said on Tuesday that the head of the Osnabrück prosecutor’s office is a member of the CDU. It raised the question of the politicality of the whole uproar.

Scholz has other doubts around his neck. He has previously served as mayor of Hamburg and has allegedly acted through a Hamburg tax office for a bank called Warburg, which he denies.

In a historic accounting scandal Political responsibility has also been set for Scholz in connection with Wirecard. He also avoids accusations in that.

Although the economic ambiguities have already been dealt with very thoroughly in public, it is still possible that confidence in Scholz will erode in the eyes of some voters who have previously supported him, especially as things continue to thwart.

Another possible reason for the small vibrations in the polls is that the Demar campaign now stays in place and tries to hold on to the party’s popularity. That is enough. The number of participants in election events is large.

At the same time, the CDU / CSU is aggressively seeking new twists in its campaign.

In the election the decisive factor is the personality of the Chancellor candidate, as the successor is now chosen above all by the Chancellor Angela Merkel.

When choosing a person, the Germans carefully assess the reliability and competence of the Chancellor candidate. Exposing dishonesty would be the worst thing that could happen to a candidate.

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