HS Analysis | A major breakthrough was achieved in the government negotiations, although the Rkp is still struggling

Rkp briefly took the lead role on the Säätytalo stage on Friday, when it did not accept the difficult climate and immigration compromise

At the almshouse saw the most special press conference of the week on Friday evening.

The chairman of the coalition leading the government negotiations Petteri Orpo reported that a negotiation result has been reached on the critical climate and immigration controversies.

The only problem is that Rkp, as the only party, has not accepted it. The party has called its parliamentary group together on Saturday to consider whether the compromise solutions should be accepted.

“Tomorrow is a critical day,” said Orpo, and there was nothing in his demeanor to indicate a crisis situation.

He smiled.

And that’s how the chairman of Basic Finns also smiled Riikka Purra and chairman of the Christian Democrats Sari Essayah. Even the chairman of Rkp Anna-Maja Henriksson seemed calm.

Although the situation, at least in theory, is still open, Friday’s big news was that it now seems even more certain that Finland’s next government will be formed on this basis.

Orphan has tried to bind the coalition, Basic Finns, Rkp and Christian Democrats by letting the negotiators listen endlessly to experts. Decisive battles have also been softened with information, which perhaps helped Friday’s agreement.

The negotiators’ expressions became significantly serious at the beginning of the week, when the Basic Finns announced that it would be enough to crawl. The most critical days of the negotiations so far began.

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Basic Finns announced on Monday that the party will no longer negotiate on other issues until the broad lines on the climate and immigration issues that are important to it have been agreed upon.

Negotiations continued at the pace determined by the basic Finns. So Riikka Purra seemed to have moved Orpo to the back seat and taken the driver’s seat.

Basic Finns understandably wanted to find out whether an agreement could be found on matters important to the party before continuing the negotiations. If not, then there is no point in negotiating about other issues.

On Thursday, Purra announced that the result must come by 6 pm on Friday. Generally, such time limits are set by the leader of the government negotiations.

It worked. It is an achievement that after two days of wrangling, the parties with disagreements got quite far on the climate and immigration issues.

Rkp chairman Anna-Maja Henriksson (left), coalition chairman Petteri Orpo, Basic Finns chairman Riikka Purra and Christian Democrats chairman Sari Essayah at a press conference at Säätytalo on Friday.

Negotiation sources According to this, the coalition has once again had the scepter in hand in the negotiations, as the party leading the negotiations should have.

Everyone has had to give up.

Basic Finns have demanded that a residence permit cannot be issued if the immigrant’s gross earnings are below 2,500 euros.

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According to the coalition’s compromise proposal, the earnings limit is going to remain at 1,600 euros.

Currently, the limit is 1,331 euros if the job is not covered by a collective agreement and the corresponding salary level cannot be determined.

If there is a valid collective agreement in the field, the limit is the minimum wage specified in the collective agreement for full-time work.

According to information from HS, according to the preliminary agreement reached on Friday, the gross salary should be at least 1,600 euros per month, even if the collective agreement allows for a lower salary.

For Rkp the difficult place is the clear strictures of humanitarian immigration. In particular, according to HS data, the refugee quota is significantly decreasing from the current level.

A quota refugee means, among other things, a person who has been defined as a refugee by the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR.

The number of quota refugees admitted to Finland is 1,050 in 2023.

According to HS information, Rkp was annoyed that Perussuomalaiset tried to dictate the time when others must sign the compromise accepted by Perussuomalaiset.

Henriksson announced on Friday that the Rkp would have liked to continue the negotiations. The party would also be ready to continue the struggle, even if its parliamentary group does not accept compromises on Saturday.

Henriksson denies the question that the negotiations would be hampered by internal trust in the government.

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“We would have liked to have continued the negotiations today about the immigration paper, but there were no more preparations for that today.”

“It will be resolved tomorrow at the meeting,” Henriksson answered the question about whether the party will continue negotiations.

Purra hit back at the press conference. He practically said that if the Rkp rejects the compromises agreed by others, the Basic Finns are not ready to continue anymore.

“These two papers are important to us. If the Rkp considers that they are not important, then I see that this negotiating group can no longer continue,” said Purra.

In other words, the Rkp either collapses the negotiations or accepts what the others do, was Purra’s counter-bet.

It would be wonder if the Rkp would not accept a compromise. There will certainly be critical talk at the meeting.

Rkp took over the Säätytalo stage for a while, just like Perussuomalaiset from the beginning of the week.

It is Rkp’s way of telling its own voters that other parties do not command. The root cause of the Rkp’s decision is probably more about the back limit announced by basic Finns on Thursday than the compromise itself.

It is certainly as difficult for basic Finns as it is for Rkp. It may be that the compromise will eventually arouse even more criticism from basic Finns than from the Rkp.

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