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In autumn in the still fairly mild wind, a nearly invisible field of reed-like plants about two meters long rustles.

Two huge cigar-like coils bulge out on the side of each reed. The field is a corn field.

Quite a surprising sight in the Finnish autumn landscape, which is turning colorless.

Maize is doing well in Finland.

– –

Corn is still a relatively unknown delicacy here.

However, it has been available in various vegetable mixes or in canned form.

This fall, whole frozen corn on the cob will be available in stores, and during the fall and summer, corn was available at markets or delicatessen stores.

Edibles are obtained from boiled corn cobs when thin slices of bacon are wrapped around them. The cobs are pushed into the oven, where they are baked until the bacon is crispy and nicely browned.

The dog revealed the drug hidden in the cake

Drug dog Eri revealed the batch of narcotics baked into the filling cake at Helsinki Post.

The cake was mailed to an English male teacher who has married in Finland some time ago.

The investigations have revealed that the narcotic was intended for the teacher’s personal use.

– –

Drug sniffing dog Eri looked for a cake package in a big pile.

At first, the customs officers did not believe that Eri was right, but knowing the dog’s experience and skill, they opened the package.

Eri is the first Finnish drug sniffer dog.

Drug dog Eri revealed a special kind of smuggling company with her determined actions. Eri chased the drug inside the wedding cake sent from England. Er’s instructor, customs guard Taisto Virkonmaa, can be satisfied for a reason.

People rushed to the stock exchange

Over On Wednesday, 8,000 people from Helsinki visited the stock exchange, which celebrated its 60th anniversary with an open day.

The interest of the townspeople exceeded even the boldest forecasts.

The organizers had expected a couple of thousand visitors at most. Even late in the afternoon, no one believed that the limit of four thousand visitors would be broken.

Ushers used to the peaceful atmosphere of the stock exchange had to guide and advise countless groups of schoolchildren, hikers and other visitors.

Already in the morning, six hundred people had gathered in the stock exchange hall to watch the stock exchange session.

The screening sessions organized during the day were equally popular.

The brokers said that they had real difficulties getting through the sea of ​​people to their desks.

Ida Kuhmonen (right) and Saimi Ranta rested for a while at the stock exchange by the wall. They came to visit because they have had good experiences with similar open days in the past.

Landing of ants in the houses of Turku

Turku (HS)

As a pharaoh ant the well-known small ants have recently become a real nuisance in many residential buildings in Turku, and the city’s health authorities have come up with new ways to poison them.

Most recently, poisonings have been carried out in the Ispoinen parish and old people’s home in Turku, where the ants have made a real landing.

The election board devoured the pupils’ cheeses and doughnuts

Election Commission taxed part of the money of the students of the Swedish girls’ high school on Arkadiankatu in Helsinki on the second day of the election.

The board members opened the cheese packages that arrived at the school, ignoring the janitor’s obstructions. They told the warden that “cheese is the property of the state after all.”

In the girls’ high school, meals are handled by the economics teacher.

The price of a meal is FIM 1.30 per student. This is how the loss of eaten cheeses comes to the students.

The principal of the school, Rainer Lönnfors, considers the board’s procedure to be presumptuous.

The board members devoured donuts ordered by the school’s sports club for dessert.

The ferry is the best way to Suomenlinna

Traditional the ferry service to Suomenlinna has displaced the dreams of a bridge road running from island to island from Kaivopuisto.

At least the report delivered by the State Suomenlinna Committee on Wednesday speaks in favor of the sea connection.

The committee proposes that the future of Suomenlinna be taken care of by a foundation under public law established by the state and the city of Helsinki, whose administration is divided between the representative council and the board.

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At least two members of the representative board must be residents of Suomenlinna.

According to the Suomenlinna Committee’s 1969 report, traffic in Suomenlinna would be organized by developing traditional sea traffic. The construction of a road connection would bring passenger car traffic to Suomenlinna and would probably change the character of Suomenlinna. Sea traffic connections will improve considerably when a new ferry and a maintenance ferry are provided to handle the traffic.

“Skippers always ready”

Sea captain Niilo Saarinen was one of the key figures at the 75th anniversary celebration of the Finnish Maritime Rescue Society on Wednesday in Helsinki.

Saarinen is one of the pioneers of rescue operations in Finland. The rescue cruiser named after him operates today in Raahe and reminds posterity of the man’s work.

On birthdays, Sea-spirited men fondly reminisced about past times.

Saarinen says that he came to work in 1936.

Saarinen emphasizes the importance of knowledge and skill in sea rescue work.

“The old skippers were always ready to help themselves and others. Now you don’t even master the basic skills — but even a great boat can go to the bottom.”

The old signal cannon warms the memories of sea captain Niilo Saarinen. “War broke out and Seiskari was evacuated. I asked the coast guard to deliver the cannon to Kotka, where it was received at the Helsinki boat fair. Here at the rescue club, the cannon is finally in its right place.”

A group of pilots left the air force again

Air force again simultaneously lost twenty pilots to civil aviation.

Last year, the largest group that left at the same time consisted of 18 pilots.

Chief of Staff Colonel Martti Uotinen states that the air force will soon have no pilots if the current situation is allowed to continue.

Therefore, negotiations aimed at cooperation with commercial airlines are aimed at starting in the next few weeks.

Car ferries are taken by professionals

Mariehamn (HS)

Staff does not want to stay at the Åland radio station of the Archipelago Coast Guard.

“The car ferries take almost all the workers from Åland”, regrets the head of the station, lieutenant captain Kyösti Kärkkäinen.

During this year, the ferries have managed to take three electricians from the station, and the fourth one is about to leave.

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Oh, behavior behavior

Riitta-Eliisa Laine

in singers, albeit in less famous ones, I still wonder why roses had to be handed out in the Autumn Tune competition at all.

It wouldn’t have been worth it.

Even though Markku Aro, who came in third, looks very girly, he could have stood up after receiving a rose from a woman in front of all the TV viewers.

Many people have been outraged by this and have called the office and asked to pass on a little code of conduct to those boys who are still planning to be a well-mannered gentleman.

CDU registered employees on the computer

Bonn (Veikko I. Pajunen)

West Germany the Christian-democratic right-wing party GDU offers the country’s employers a new form of service, which shows that the nightmare of 1984 predicted by George Orwell has already begun.

The employer no longer has to use private detectives or try to find out the social opinions of employee candidates. Now you can press a button to get “politically reliable” people to work.

A year ago, the CDU started collecting the personal data of professionally qualified citizens on the computer of the party’s headquarters. It weeds out undesirable persons and recommends those who pass the screen.

The one found in the jungle gets married

Mitshoko said it was love at first sight.

Shoitshi, on the other hand, thinks Mitshoko is just the right person to take care of him.

Former Imperial Japanese Army sergeant Shoitshi Jokoi, 57, and Mitshoko Hatashi, 44, will be married later this month.

Next year, they will fly to Guam, the US Pacific island in whose jungles Jokoi spent 28 years hiding.

Jokoi, who fought with Japanese forces during World War II, was found and returned to Japan last February.

Only then did he learn that the war had ended.

Jokoi said he fled to the jungle to avoid surrender.

Trotsky and Frank Jackson, Richard Burton and Alain Delon, in Joseph Losey’s novelty “Trotsky’s Assassination”, which will soon be on our program. It has just been chosen to represent Italian cinema at this year’s New York Autumn Film Festival. Most of the filming was done in Italy, several Italian actors are involved and the cameraman Pascuale de Santis is also from Italy.

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