HS 50 years ago 5.8.1971 McCartney’s own band

Beatle Paul McCartney has formed a new Anglo-American pop band. It is expected to begin appearances as soon as the financial affairs of McCartney and the disbanded Beatles are sorted out.

In the new band, McCartney’s blond American wife Linda Eastman plays the piano, McCartney herself is a solo guitarist. American rock drummer Denny Seiwell is involved. He’s already playing on McCartney’s “Ram,” which has long been one of England’s best-selling lp albums.

The fourth member is well-known guitarist, composer and singer Denny Laine, who originally belonged to the English band Moody Blues.

The group does not have a name yet.

The new band marks Paul McCartney’s first public appearances in England since 1966, when the Beatles band last performed.

Apollo 15 towards the ground

Space Center, Houston (Reuter)

Apollo 15 -Astronauts headed for their ship toward Earth on Wednesday night Finnish time, burning their rocket engines for three seconds to get the ship off the moon’s orbit.

Arriving in the country, the astronauts are on Saturday.

Before leaving for home, a mini-satellite (35.6 kilos) was thrown from Apollo by a spring force into the orbit of the moon.

The satellite monitors the radiation and magnetic field around the moon for a year. The satellite was fired from an orbit 120-96 kilometers high.

Birger Wiik: The rarest meteor of my life

Turku (HS)

“I I am happy now, ”exclaimed Dr. Birger Wiik, who on Wednesday received a meteorite that had fallen in Nauvoo on Monday at the Department of Geology of the University of Turku.

Wiik, who arrived in Turku on Wednesday to investigate the discovery, said that no such meteorite discovery had been made in Finland before during his lifetime.

“Although some meteorites have been found, they have been on the ground for perhaps hundreds of years. The last time I got to study in 1966 was a meteorite from Salla. It had been on the ground for hundreds of years and was completely rusty. ”

Half of the cars survived the carbon monoxide measurements in Porvoo

Porvoo (HS)

To Porvoo at the car inspection station, which was completed this spring, the carbon monoxide percentages have been measured in a couple of months.

Half of the cars surveyed would be rejected for roadworthiness testing in Sweden or West Germany.

In these countries, carbon monoxide must account for 4.5% of exhaust emissions. Exceeding one percent is allowed. This limit has been exceeded by 49% of the 270 cars surveyed. – –

In Finland, legislation does not require exhaust gas measurement. The law requires a network of inspection stations to cover the entire country, but an outdoor test can not be performed in street inspection facilities.

More and more inspection stations are being built all the time, mentioned the technical app. Kalevi Savolainen, who has supervised the Porvoo experiment.

Insect hell in Western Siberia

Moscow (S)

Soviet Union the trade union magazine Trud reported on Wednesday in an eye-catching article about an insect disaster in western Siberia.

In some places there are insects so much that they obscure the sunlight. Herds of billions of blood-named insects have caused enormous damage in animal husbandry: animals are dying or dying on their deathbeds, and losses in milk production are estimated at one million liters daily.

Even in ordinary summers, the vast swamps of Western Siberia are the worst insect hells in the world. Frost never melts there, and during a short hot summer, huge numbers of insect larvae emerge in shallow waters.

This year, Western Siberia has also faced a combination of heat wave and rain, resulting in an unprecedented number of insects.

Trud did not hesitate to call the situation “catastrophic”.

Honorary consuls do their work without pay

Cigars, Cubans and Filipinos were the topics of discussion when Prime Minister Ahti Karjalainen received our visiting honorary consuls from the United States and Canada.

The Prime Minister presented a giant cigar box as a gift from Armi and Gil Hilario and said there were Cubans as well.

“But they can’t be offered to Americans.”

At the end of the short reception, the Prime Minister wished the consuls a sunny holiday and hoped that they could say about their trip as well as the ex-man: “The trip had to be remembered for those I remember.

Arijoutsi is leaving

Rebels remind statesmen that neither can accommodate very many in such a small country; there are hardly any statesmen other than Kekkonen, of course there are slightly more refugees.

In any case, the profession is dwindling; one will leave the ranks again, author Heikki Marttila, nicknamed Arijoutsi, will retire tomorrow.

Also wheels

Radio services for motorists include listing the registration numbers of stolen cars on Saturdays. Pentti O. Heimolainen reads these symbols of tin cows with his beautiful voice.

Why else aren’t stolen bikes also listed?

After all, a bike is often more valuable to its owner than a car to a car owner. Everything is so relative.

Maybe this Saturday will be put into practice as well.

Your shoulder container with tartan

Juha Väätäinen, 30, carefully examined the red tartan track at the Olympic Stadium. He sank to his knees for a moment, rubbed the rough surface with both hands, patted, felt, and said, “I’m too old for such a man.”

He bent down once more, slammed the track to the side of a nut that had rolled off somewhere, and jerked a mighty captivating smile toward the plush sideburns.

“Yeah, again, there’s one out of the game.”

Peninkulma’s Finnish record holder’s last acquaintance with the European Championship stage before Tuesday’s race was full of smiles, relaxed.

Even Väätäinen’s appearance at the stadium raised a smile on his face. The man from Oulu came in in civilian clothes and carried a spear.

“Oh Why spear. Look, those shit… ”

Miniskirts too much for the nun’s nerves

Vatican City (UPI)

Nun, appointed by the Vatican to guard St. Peter’s Church from obscene-dressed tourists was withdrawn from its station on Wednesday.

The Vatican reported the nun was suffering from “nervous exhaustion”.

Sister Fiorella reached the front pages of world newspapers during her short posting.

He denied entry to the world’s largest church from thousands of women dressed in miniskirts, transparent or wide-necked sweaters, or a bodysuit leaving the belly bare.

Sister Fiorella was the first woman assigned by the Vatican to guard duties.

Compiled by Kari Lankinen

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