HS 50 years ago 25.8.1971 New fur thinking

New, exciting fur thinking is represented by a small, forward-looking family company that specializes in its own dyeing method and way of working. The result is a striking, unusual fur that would make the mind almost like a work of art.

First there was a dance coat, a lot of heavy clumsy crime, a shawl collar from mink and almost a price tag on my back. It was bought by her husband on his wife’s silver wedding day as an external sign of worldly success.

Then came the fur jacket, made in the factory, more in design than a regular jacket than in Turkey. Likewise for the price. Long-nosed for living standards and their wearers.

Now there is only Turkey, still the secret wish of many women. Luxurious, sensual, why not sexually, but still within the limits of fit.

And I guess there is no denying that fur is the most suitable material for our winter climate.

Thumb riding is a game of chance

In summer and especially on summer weekends, a car driver can be sure of at least one thing: on the road, those waving their thumbs waving their throats are downright crowded.

Hitchhiking, or thumb ride, has spread to every country like measles.

It is especially favored by young people, students, conscripts and foreigners. Many take their thumbs up with pity, after all, youth must be helped.

But the journey is not always without unpleasant consequences for the rider rather than the rider.

– –

When things go really bad, a hitchhiker can leave a spirit. Not to mention the so-called glory now.

Many consider thumb-riding to be an everyday and harmless way to travel. However, that is not it. There are always dangers involved.

For the first time in Finland, a female priest will bless

The first once a woman priest blesses the deceased in Finland.

The body blessing of teacher Helmi Tengén, the pioneer of the Finnish women’s movement next Saturday, will be delivered by Marja-Leena Teivonen, a Finnish bachelor of theology who has been ordained a priest in Sweden.

The deceased himself once resigned from the church as a protest that the female priesthood was not accepted in Finland.

However, his wish was that the female priest would bless him.

The dollar continued to decline

Dollar weakened further on Tuesday in Europe even more sharply than expected.

However, the foreign exchange market was quiet and London financiers insisted that calm could be a sign of future currency speculation.

The fall in the dollar was also accused of a rumor spread throughout the day that the International Monetary Fund was urging European currencies to revalue.

Finland was the only country where the dollar even strengthened slightly.

Firefighters threaten to paint Helsinki

About Today, 200 Nordic firefighters will arrive in Helsinki for firefighters’ sports competitions. According to preliminary information, the firefighters plan to paint the whole city red and take over all the women of Helsinki.

“It is not yet known how the city will be painted,” the Helsinki Fire Department said. Instead, the department knows that the newcomers are “handsome, tall and danceable”.

The actual sports competitions will be held on 26-27. in the days of. Such competitions are held every two years: the last time the competitions were in Helsinki was ten years ago.

Boisterous street scene

Broadcasting the first live stereo outdoor broadcast will be heard from 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm in bilingual form. The street program is produced by the radio stereo group.

Street Food is an experimental, cabaret-style program. Its venue is Helsinki’s Kluuvikatu. The presenters are Leo Lehdistö and Henni Wikman. The interviewer is Martti Silvennoinen.

The theme of the program is traffic, to which the natural noise of the street gives a real addition.

– –

Katurieha is, in a way, a pre-trial for the Helsinki Festival Weeks, whose concerts are to be performed live on stereo outdoor broadcasts on the radio. Stereo programs are broadcast in Finland by seven stations, which cover 40 percent of the radio’s audience.

Seen on TV

If Spede has yet to find a way in which detached and, in fact, utterly devoid of a common denominator, the successive fragments would be woven into a more solid whole, a new wave of madness could be expected.

The best sketches of the bottoms of the bottoms were to make the viewer laugh, but even for the required opposite mood, unnecessarily woody intervals were unfortunately heavy stuff.

However, it is sincere to say that you can look for any other program in the TV program that has equally good lips.

Even spiders become unemployed in England

London (Erkki Arni)

Cross spider that is, in Latin, Araneus Diadematus is the newest newcomer among the unemployed in England, at least in view of the optical factory in the city of York.

Until now, the factory’s apprentices have pressed a bunch of nearby meadows in the spring to collect cross spiders, plant them tenderly on special little racks, and entice them to diligently weave the web.

You see, spider webs have been made into crosshairs for hunting rifles, theodolites and telescopes, but now this cumbersome material is no longer needed.

A great war for small micros

Palermo Vincenzo Salmeri, a judge of the grating court, has fallen into the teeth of the women’s liberation movement.

Salmer had been indicted against a Danish female tourist whose panties he considered obscene. A week ago, Salmeri saw 27-year-old Danish woman Lise Wittrock walking down the street in the microwaves, which she said she had uncovered some of her buttocks.

“They were the longest micro-pants we’ve seen,” a representative of the Women’s Liberation Movement (MLD) said, announcing that members of the movement would hold a parade under the window of Salmer’s office dressed in “real micros”.

“He is free to judge us if he has the courage. We get to court in the panties and ask the judge to assess how much assertions he sees from them, ”the representative said. (UPI)

Compiled by Kari Lankinen

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