HS 50 years ago 22.7.1971 The Nordic House is a lively activity center in Iceland

Reykjavik (Tarja Saarivuori)

Right Near the center of Reykjavik, on the shores of a small artificial pond, is a house whose designer is well known in Iceland. Architect Alvar Aalto has designed the Nordic House and also its furniture.

The whitewashed building with its purple roof structures is in good harmony with the landscape next to Reykjavik University.

Pohjola House is now three years old. It is very popular, especially in winter, when students go there both to read Nordic magazines and to study. The house has study rooms and teaching facilities for Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish language lecturers at the university. Here, they teach most of their lessons to both students and the public. – –

The Nordic House has a special position compared to other similar houses, as the host country, Iceland, takes part in the operation. This facilitates the organization of various exhibitions, seminars, presentation series and art days.

The café at Pohjola House displays 35 Nordic newspapers that arrive in Iceland by airmail. The magazines are also sent on request to libraries, schools and other Icelandic institutions. In addition, the house will have 133 Nordic magazines.

There were enough crabs to watch

Crabs were on the opening day of the season both buyers and sellers thought too expensive in Helsinki. From the market traders, they ran out in an instant and in the afternoon there were only one seller in the hall selling crabs costing FIM 2.30.

Porn movies for free

So-called porn movies get out of the collar in Finland. This is part of the practical issue of the new Film Censorship Act that is being prepared. The censorship of films is relaxed and the law is removed e.g. the requirement of compliance with “good manners”.

The draft law emphasizes the impact of the film – not the amount of bare surface – and the aim is that the viewer’s mental health does not suffer.

The reforms also include lowering the “no children” limit by one year.

To Irwin

No. only guessed the Finnish people that ST Pauli and Reeperbahn would still produce gold for their performer. That’s right Irwin Goodman will get his second gold record in the next few days.

– When I got the first one, I said it wouldn’t be like that for at least ten years. That’s how it just went, says Irwin, who is still moving with City Councilor Vexi Salmi.

The boys were just thinking about rhymes for a new record in the studio in Pitäjänmäki.

Stars out of the Big Days

Jyväskylä (HS)

Part one of the brightest rally stars in Finland, will miss Jyväskylä’s 21st major races. The reason for the absence of Timo Mäkinen, Simo Lampinen, Jorma Lusenius and Leo Kinnunen is thought to be the increase in the cost level.

Hannu Mikkola, the winner of the year ago, and Pauli Toivonen, who returns to the rally routes again, are strongly involved in the picture. This year’s major races will be attended by drivers from seven countries, a total of 120 fleets.

Lapin Kulta opens a sales office in northern Sweden

Lapin Kulta Oy opens a sales office in northern Sweden for beer marketing. The location of the branch is planned to be Haparanda, and it will start operations in 1972.

Lapin Kulta has been selling beer to northern Sweden for four years. Its share of Finnish medium beer exports to Sweden in recent years has been about thirty percent.

The neighborhood quiz will continue in September Neighboring Cities

Eagle (HS)

Estonian television and Naapurivisa, implemented in cooperation with Advertising Television, will continue with a program called Neighboring Cities. The twin cities Tallinn and Kotka will be the first to appear.

New protests over the waste ship

London / Dublin Reuter

Mixed The British and Irish governments formally objected to the Netherlands on Wednesday about the Dutch intention to dump more than six hundred tonnes of chemical waste at sea

Earlier, the Danish and Norwegian governments announced that they would not accept the Dutch intentions to dump waste in the North Sea.

The Stella Maris tanker, carrying chlorine waste from the Dutch Akzo group, originally sailed into the North Sea with the intention of emptying its waste poison tank there, but due to Norwegian and Danish protests, the ship headed for the North Atlantic the night before Wednesday.

It is not yet known whether the objection raised by England and Ireland will affect the movements of the waste ship or whether the ship will remain in its new plan to discharge the waste into the Atlantic recesses.

Compiled by Jarkko Rahkonen

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