HS 50 years ago 17.6.1971 Cargo ships together in the Kvarken

Vaasa (KS)

Two the cargo ship collided in the Kvarken on Wednesday morning.

The Cypriot Mitera Assimina collided with the German ship Oscar Mathias in the Kvarken in the international sea area about 12 nautical miles east of the island of Holmö near Stora Fjäderäggen.

The Greek ship of about 9,000 dw-ton Mitera Assimina was empty on its way north when it collided with a German ship of about a thousand dw-ton. German Oscar Mathias was in a load of timber on his way south.

The Greek ship was driving to the left side of the German ship from the center to the stern. The timber as deck cargo fell into the sea and the ship was left tilted and caught in a large Greek ship.

The Vaasa Coast Guard plane left after receiving an emergency message from Härnösand, Sweden. The alarm was received at 10.15. Lifeboats from Finland and Sweden arrived.

The crew of the ship in distress was immediately transferred to a Greek ship. None of the crew were injured.

Forced deposit out of business cycles

The Treasury minister CO Tallgren promises to defend low-income people; the forced deposit proposed to balance the business cycle cannot be recovered from those earning FIM 8,000 per year. It’s an impossibility, he said.

This lower limit was recently proposed by the Committee. By the way, the Minister of Finance is not enthusiastic about the cyclical deposit of natural persons.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the government drops this whole proposal out of the business cycle. However, pushing the proposal out completely is not a matter for the Ministry of Finance, ”he said.

The Minister of Finance is proposing to the government that at its evening school today it make a decision in principle, mainly on how to develop legislation into a permanent business cycle reservation system on the basis of the committee’s report.

Tallgren (r) believes the government should set up a working group to prepare “different trick groups”.

Thinner than expected from the Päijänne tunnel

Raw water tunnel From Päijänne to the Helsinki region, it may be necessary to build smaller than planned. According to the original plans, the tunnel would be 16 square meters in cross section.

As the decision on the state’s financial contribution has been delayed and the raw water is threatening to run out, the construction of a smaller tunnel, perhaps only 12 square meters in diameter, has been considered as another option.

This would save at least part of them 35 million. the state has been proposed to participate in the implementation of the Päijänne plan.

Noise from NOW’s Vietnam documents

Washington (UPI)

New York Times a series of articles that caused a great stir, which, based on a secret study by the Pentagon, deals with the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War, has attracted widespread attention all over the world.

American government officials, on the other hand, seem to be more concerned about the diplomatic and espionage consequences of information published by the New York Times than about the leakage of the information itself.

Many government officials fear that the publication of diplomatic and military telegrams would help the Soviet Union figure out the cryptographic code that was also used in other U.S. secret telegrams in the 1960s.

Annie is shooting at the rowing stadium

Operetta theater will continue its show season and rowing stadium summer traditions from next week on the famous western, Annie Mestariampuja.

Anniena herself sees Inga Sulin, who starred in Savoy last summer, and Kai Lind as her partner, Frank Butler.

Annie is directed by Hilkka Kinnunen, who herself has performed in this Berlin musical, most recently at the National Theater at the old student house.

The staging of the Rowing Stadium’s performance has been designed by Pauli Määttä and the music management is familiar to Mikko von Deringer. Annie’s dances are written by Elsa Sylvestersson.

The Operetta Theater has borrowed Heikki Savola as Buffalo Bill and Tauno Söder as Charlie. Pentti Viljanen will be visiting Sitting Bull and Eine Helke will be visiting Circus. Tuulikki Kuorikoski, also known as a dancer, will make her debut in a small role, and Kim Floor, who is graduating from a Swedish theater school, will perform as a circus worker.

” Axis and Elina “goes to the VII Moscow Film Festival

Edvin Laine directed by “Akseli ja Elina”, another filming part of Väinö Linna’s “Pohjantähti”, will represent Finnish film at the VII Moscow International Film Festival this summer.

The festivals begin on July 19 and continue until August 2. The director of the film festival is Vladimir Baskakov.

As before, the celebration will feature both full-length films screened at the Kremlin’s Grand Congress Palace, short films screened at the Central Cinema Club, and children’s films screened at the Young Pioneers Palace. – –

One of the three members of the official delegation leaving Finland for the Moscow celebrations is still pending. Self-righteous representatives include Edvin Laine, director of “Aksel and Elina” – who received much praise for “Pohjantähti” in the second summer – and M.Sc. Mauno Mäkelä.

Author Väinö Linna was especially welcome to the party, but for health reasons he cannot travel at the moment. The third representative will probably be one of the female actresses of “Aksel and Elina”.

Room 222 – New TV movie

In the summer season the new comic book Room 222 begins, depicts life in today’s typical American college. The events of the comedy series move through the numerous school-related puzzles that meet both teachers and students in their toil as sometimes serious at times.

The protagonist of the series is history teacher Pete Dixon, who always has enough time for his students and their problems outside of school. He is played by Lloyd Haynes.

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