Housing The family wanted to stay in one of Helsinki’s most coveted areas and turned the 45-square-meter mini-home into a triangle – Such was the change where the walls changed places.

Kaisa Rapanen, Lauri Sarjos and their son Eeli live comfortably in Vallila, Helsinki, even though there are only 44.5 square meters.

Kaisa Rapanen and Lauri Sarjos live with their children in a small home because it is affordable and ecological. An expert will tell you how to create more space in your home.

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In the stairwell has beautiful arched windows. On the second floor, the front door opens to a one-room apartment that can be called a mini home based on the number of residents.

The apartment is a home To Kaisa Rapanelle, To Lauri Sarjos and their children Eelille, 2. They are mainly very satisfied with their housing.

The home is exactly 44.5 square feet.

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