Housing Many are now dreaming of more spacious living – next year will show whether the corona epidemic brought back the Nurmijärvi phenomenon

The year 2021 shows what kind of mark the pandemic leaves on the housing market in Finland. Carita Vaittinen and Jukka Lappalainen realized what many were talking about: they moved from Espoo to Nurmijärvi in ​​pursuit of affordable squares.

Problem was it plain. When Carita Vaittinen and Jukka Lappalainen had another child, a 75 square meter semi-detached house in Perusmäki, Espoo, began to feel small.

However, finding a new home in Northern Espoo was not easy.

There were few suitable apartments available. Many were small in size and had as many rooms as possible. The most interesting ones went quickly. Prices seemed to bounce.


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