Housing Maarit and Esko Moilanen are among the few and chosen – such is life in an attic apartment at the Parade Place, on the roof of Helsinki

Many of the wasted space in an apartment building is converted into attic dwellings every year. Maarit and Esko Moilanen moved into one of these. Now they talk about the pros and cons of attic living.

Pink The beauty stands at the beginning of Hämeentie in Helsinki, opposite the Hakaniemi shopping hall.

The warm windows of the tower-like part of the Art Nouveau house glow with warm light until the cold winter day. It comes Maarit and Esko Moilasen from home.

When the couple got up on the top of the more than 100-year-old Helsinki building with a building elevator and entered the corner window for the first time in 1997, they immediately knew that the apartment was theirs.


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