Housing Fair The housing fair pilots cooperative housing

There are about twenty new cooperative projects underway across the country. One of these is Hiidenkoti, a cooperative coming to next year’s Lohja housing fair.

Housing fair wants to contribute to the development of new housing solutions and is involved in Hiidenkod as a founding member and construction financier together with the City of Lohja.

Cooperative Hiidenkoti consists of three semi-detached houses, ie six identical apartments of 75 square meters.

“Building, managing and managing a property requires a wide range of skills and, above all, commitment. So housing cooperatives may not be suitable for everyone, ”says the project manager of the City of Lohja Mirka Härkönen.

In-depth interviews with the City of Lohja were intended to ensure that applicants were aware of what they were doing when it came to a new type of housing.

There are several different operating models for housing cooperatives. They differ, for example, in whether the management of an apartment is based on ownership or tenancy. They are all regulated by the general law applicable to cooperatives, but there is no separate Housing Cooperatives Act in Finland. Therefore, the rules of association of individual cooperatives and the agreements concluded are of great importance.

The residents of Hiidenkoti pay a share fee of EUR 1,000 and a connection fee of EUR 6,000 for each apartment. The monthly care fee, ie the rent, will be 1,350 euros per month. The residents elected to the cooperative are all middle-aged or older couples. Residents who come to the residents’ bridge will get to know each other and decide on, among other things, the surface materials of the apartments and the yard plan.

“Working together reduces loneliness and brings security to living.”

Cooperative in the future, the members will also decide on practical matters, such as whether to carry out the yard work together and thus save the cooperative’s money for some other purpose to be decided together. The action is voluntary and everyone has one vote equally.

“Increasing community spirit is one of the main themes of the cooperative idea. Working together reduces loneliness and brings security to living, ”says Mirka Härkönen

Riitta and Hannu Rantanen are the future residents of the cooperative Hiidenkod. They fell in love with the location of the houses right on the shores of Lake Lohjanjärvi, near the center. Cooperative housing was not familiar to the couple before.

“The place is absolutely wonderful and we have already visited the area several times. The new home serves as both a town house and a summer cottage, ”says Riitta Rantanen.

The current apartment of the Lohja couple is in a small apartment building with 21 inhabitants, where they have been comfortable for 14 years.

“It is known that all the residents and neighbors take care of a business trip, for example, if they cannot move because of the illness themselves. We found that we are already living in this community of our future home in our current home. ”

The couple is looking forward to a joint residents’ meeting where they can get to know future neighbors. According to Rantanen, it is good when there are diverse housing options. Having previously lived in Tapiola, Espoo, they have watched in horror the rise in housing prices in central Helsinki.

“Especially at this age, you don’t want all the money going to housing. We prefer to put the money on a fishing trip to Lapland, ”says Rantanen.


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