Housing Do you have an ugly balcony in the metropolitan area or is it otherwise unusually used? Send the image to HS

Share your experience if you feel that balconies are overrated.

26.7. 15:54 | Updated 8:38

Glazed the balconies are like aquariums: full of a wide variety of life and stuff that the occasional passer-by might wonder for a moment.

One balcony has a jungle paradise, the other a collection of four-season sports equipment.

Not everyone sees the balcony as an extension of the living room. There are people for whom the balcony has little use other than as extra storage.

Is do you have a balcony that is in some way unusual use? Is your balcony possibly the ugliest in the metropolitan area?

Share a picture of your balcony with HS and tell us what special use your balcony is for. We’ll talk about it.

You can send the picture and report by e-mail to hs.kaupunki@hs.fi.



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