Housing companies The “secret hotel” on Iso Roobertinkatu was unauthorized

According to the Supreme Administrative Court, the short-term rental of apartment buildings was an accommodation activity.

Furnished short-term renting of apartments in a Helsinki-based housing association was unauthorized, the Supreme Administrative Court (KHO) decided in a decision issued today, Monday.

According to the Supreme Administrative Court, the repeated renting of apartments in a residential property on Iso Roobertinkatu under short-term contracts was an accommodation activity that could not be considered typical of a residential area and did not correspond to ordinary detached house living.

In the second in the case before the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court held that the city building inspectorate could have ordered a company engaged in the rental of residential apartments in an apartment building to cease using the apartments as accommodation under the threat of a fine.

The reason was that the purpose of the residential apartments had been substantially changed and no building permit had been applied for or granted for the change of use. The operation had not corresponded to residential apartment building housing in accordance with the town plan and building permit.

In the third decision, the Supreme Administrative Court took a position on short-term leasing from a tax point of view. The Supreme Court held that even a short-term lease of one’s own home interrupts two consecutive years of residence, which is one of the conditions for the tax-free transfer of an apartment.

The story is being updated.

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