Hotels Cheaper room for others, sixth night free – Hotel chains tormented by tourist and employee losses compete with tourists with imaginative campaigns

Domestic tourism is not enough to compensate for the lack of foreign tourists in hotels in Helsinki and Lapland.

17.7. 18:52

IN THE MIDDLE during the busiest holiday season, summer chains are optimistic about the outcome of the summer.

Director of Marketing and Communications at Sokos Hotels Outi Vitie says the hotel occupancy forecast for July is 70 percent. The realized occupancy rate in July last year was 57 percent.

According to Vitie, for example, there have been enough tourists in Eastern Finland this summer.

“One hundred percent occupancy days are in hotels in Eastern Finland from time to time,” he says.

Commercial Director of Scandic Hotels Christian Borgin according to the hotel occupancy rate is quite good. According to him, the starting situation for this summer was better than last year.

“It remains to be seen how much it will rock last summer, if at all.”

According to Borg, Turku and Tampere in particular are currently busy.

“The situation is strong in the provinces and growing in Helsinki, but perhaps not quite at the level we would like.”

Communications Manager at Omena Hotels Clouds Srichok says in an email that the booking situation looks good compared to even ordinary years.

“The cancellation of transactions created uncertainty, but despite the cancellations, we have had good customers. Turku, Tampere and Pori have traditionally been in high demand and still are. ”

LAPLAND HOTELS CEO of the chain Ari Vuorentausta says the situation is good given the circumstances.

“Right now, it looks like we’re reading last year,” Vuorentausta says.

According to him, there are enough domestic tourists to Oulu, Tampere and Kuopio, and to the north to Pallas and Kilpisjärvi.

“Of course, that does not make up for the lack of international tourists. Lapland and Helsinki in particular suffer from it. ”

Other hotel chains also say that the situation in Helsinki and Lapland is vaccinated by the lack of foreign tourists.

“Finns have been able to patch up but not at full volume in any case,” says Vitie of Sokos Hotels.

“People just want to leave the hotel because they can spend a few nights in a chilled room.”

HOTEL CHAINS compete for tourists through various campaigns.

Scandic is told that an offer has become popular this summer where family teenagers get their own room at a cheaper price.

Lapland Hotels, on the other hand, has a summer tour pass, which is free every sixth hotel night.

“However, people drive around Finland a lot in their own cars, so in that sense it has been a functional product,” says Vuorentausta.

According to Sokos Vitie, the price offers have attracted people to the hotels to cool off during the severe heat.

“People just want to leave the hotel just to be able to spend a few nights in a chilled room.”

Hotel chains are told that travel plans are now being made in the short term.

“Consumers have been accustomed over the last year and a half to the fact that there is always room in hotels, but now we should be in traffic with reservations in the past to secure accommodation,” says Srichok of Omena Hotels.

“I understand that we are going to seek a stable livelihood and not be left hanging in a loose log.”

DURING THE CROWN workers have moved out of the sector due to the difficult work situation. It has been difficult to get employees to hotel restaurants in particular.

“We can even talk about labor shortages in certain areas in Finland,” says Scandic’s Borg.

He understands employees who have moved on to other jobs.

“After all, the industry doesn’t have a terribly rosy outlook when the magic wand is slammed shut. I understand that we are going to look for a stable livelihood and not be left hanging in a loose log. ”

The summer holiday season combined with labor shortages is reflected in the resilience of employees.

“The staff is really tight,” says Vitie of Sokos Hotels.



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