Horse riding A serious accident at a power park riding event

The young rider survived the accident without any physical injuries, but the pony died.

Kauhavan A serious riding accident involving a young rider and a pony took place on Friday morning at the Power Park Horse Show, which competes on the Alahärmä Power Park racetrack.

According to a release from the Equestrian Association, the young rider did not suffer any physical injuries in the accident, but the pony died. According to the press release, the rider is very upset about the situation.

The pony immediately got help from the race organizers and the vet, but it died immediately.

Conversational assistance is available for those present.

Correction on Friday 27 August at 13.15: The riding event will be held in Alahärmä, Kauhava, at the Power Park racetrack, not in the amusement park, as was erroneously mentioned earlier in the story.



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