Hockey With these players, the Lions will advance to an important World Cup semi-final against Germany

The team relies on Jussi Olkinuora for the goal.


Lions will face in the semifinals of the German Ice Hockey World Championships, and the stakes will be the finals.

Finland’s line-up is exactly the same as against the Czech Republic on Thursday.

Jussi Olkinuora kept zero as the Lions knocked the Czech Republic 1-0 and helped with their struggles from the team’s semi-finals to the semi-finals.

Finland won the first block of the German game, which was very tight until the end. Coach Mikko Manner emphasized before the second Germany match that the teams know each other well.

“And they have very meticulous and hard-working coaches.”

The mainland no doubt referred to the Finnish duo Toni Söderholm and Ville Peltonen. Former top players have been taken to a new level in Germany in the World Cup.

“Germany is a very disciplined, very close-knit and well-trained team that plays in a tight five. There’s going to be a game of small margins, ”Manner said, even like puck phrases.

In the semi-finals Of the surviving teams, Finland scored the second least goals, but also scored the second least. Only ten goals were scored for Finland in seven matches. The Russian team did the same.

The US eventually played the starting block with hard power and released only eight puck into its own cage.

Arttu Ruotsalainen and Anton Lundell lead the Lions paint exchange before the semi-finals. Both have a total of four hits. The numbers are good, but these readings are not aimed at the goal kingdom of the Games.

“I am very pleased with our efficiency. We’ve been able to take advantage of the goal spots, ”Manner said, but added that every coach would always want more goals from their own team.

The World Cup tournament semi-final and medal weekend includes one fun specialty. There are only teams left, of which the Lions have won each time. And all the teams are from the same B-block, where Suominen also played the first series.

With these in the field Lions face Germany. The match starts at 6.15pm and both MTV3 and C More will show the game live.

Finish: 45 Jussi Olkinuora, reserve: 29 Harri Säteri.

Number one: 80 Saku Mäenalanen – 24 Hannes Björninen – 12 Marko Anttila; 6 Tony Sund – 50 Miika Koivisto.

Second five: 22 Arttu Ruotsalainen – 15 Anton Lundell – 20 Niko Ojamäki; 3 Olli Määttä – 7 Oliwer Kaski.

Triad field: 21 Jere Innala – 27 Petri Kontiola – 81 Iiro Pakarinen; 55 Atte Ohtamaa – 2 Ville Pokka.

Square field: 38 Teemu Turunen – 13 Mikael Ruohomaa – 76 Jere Sallinen;

40 Petteri Lindbohm – 39 Kim Nousiainen.



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