Hockey Vancouver Canucks corona infections explode in 25 cases – Entire NHL team quarantined

The Vancouver Canucks have been out of play for more than two weeks. The coronavirus has spread rapidly among players and other staff.

NHL Society Vancouver Canucks players have been diagnosed with 21 corona infections and the entire team has been quarantined. Other club staff also have infections, as the club reported a total of 25 infections on Wednesday.

Infections have spread shockingly fast in the company. The club canceled a match against the Calgary Flames on the last day of March and closed its arena. At that point, the team’s corona tests had revealed three infections in two days.

On Wednesday The Canucks appealed to the team doctor Jim Bovardin signing in the bulletinthat all staff continue to exercise extreme caution in order to prevent the spread of infections.

“The health of our players, staff and our entire community is now top priority. Canucks is grateful for all the support it has received from health authorities. Both the NHL League and its players ’association are now encouraging everyone to comply with government regulations,” Canucks announced.

“These cases of corona are a grim reminder of how quickly corona infections can spread and how serious the consequences are for young athletes in good condition.”

Canucks’ first infection was found by the attacker Adam Gaudettella March 30. Authorities have identified both the virus variant of the infection and the source of the team’s infections.

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