Hockey Tuukka Rask on a summer vacation from the NHL playoffs – the New York Islanders pressed on

The Islanders will next receive the reigning champion Tampa Bay Lightning.

Hockey In the NHL, the New York Islanders have already taken their fourth playoff win from the Boston Bruins and secure their place in the top four. The teams faced a total of six playoffs. The Bruins won two of the matches.

After the first round, which ended in a tie, the New Yorkers took the nest difference from their opponent by tapping a total of three goals in the second round.

In the early part of the third round, the Bruins narrowed the situation, but the Islanders Cal Clutterbuckin and Ryan Pulockin right behind the hens in the last minute of the game, the goals forged into an empty net sealed the final scores 6–2.

A total of 29 shots were fired per Boston goal. Boston Finnish goalkeeper Tuukka Rask scored 23 shots out of 27 while scoring.

Raskin the season ended with a defeat, but Islanders’ Finnish striker Leo Komarovilla the games, on the other hand, are still ongoing. The home crowd cheered when, after 12 minutes, Komarov’s charge up the middle resulted in the keeper making one of his best saves of the day.

Boston, on the other hand, tried to score 25 times, succeeding here twice. Both of Boston’s goals were Canadian strikers Brad Marchandin handwriting. Marchand shares the title of the hardest scorer of the match with Islanders striker Brock Nelson with. Nelson scored two goals in the second set of the match.

Among the Islanders ’ranks also emerged those who preyed on two entry points Josh Bailey and Jean-Gabriel Pageau as well as a Russian goalkeeper Semjon Varlamov, who blocked 23 shots out of 25.

Islanders next to face the league’s reigning champion Tampa Bay Lightning.

There is now only one way to go from the second round of the playoffs, but the situation can be resolved as early as Friday morning Finnish time. The Vegas Golden Knights are just one win away from the sequel, as the Las Vegas team leads the Colorado Avalanche 3–2 in their own match series.

The winner of the series will face the Montreal Canadiens, who secured their place earlier this week by taking a win over the Winnipeg Jets.



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