Hockey Tobias Winberg league career boosted by the opening of the paint HIFK’s victory in Mikkeli: “I’ve been waiting a long time goal”

Winberg scored his first league goal in the 54th game of his career.

Jukurit – HIFK 0–2

Defender Tobias Winbergin the opening goal of the league career was worth three points for Helsinki IFK. HIFK won the Hockey League match on Tuesday in Mikkeli Jukurit 2–0, when in addition to Winberg Anton Lundell hit an empty goal in the final minute of the match.

Due to the weather conditions in the Helsinki metropolitan area, HIFK booked more time than usual for its guest trip. The trip to the away game went smoothly in traffic and even in the trough the going was victorious.

The most celebratory hero of the evening, Winberg, 22, made his hit in the opening round at 18.55. The defender got a puck near the blue line of the winger From Sebastian Dyk, forwarded a few kicks and fired a wrist shot into the back corner of the Jukuri goal.

“It tasted really good. I’ve been waiting a long time goals, and has been vacant seats. Even today, there was one place in the game before. I tried in the same place as in that situation, ”Winberg said after the match.

During the season Winberg, who made his debut in the HIFK shirt in 2017–18, played the 54th regular season match of his career in Mikkeli. He hasn’t played in the junior net, as Winberg scored five goals in his best season in both the A and B junior series.

“It hasn’t come awfully, but it’s always nice to do them. At least one per season should be obtained. ”

Winberg has been playing in the No. 1 pair together since late October Mikko Kousan with.

“The team is going well. I did not like the play. Kousa is experienced and gives good advice, ”Winberg praises the interplay.

Zero game played HIFK goalkeeper Niilo Halonen rejected 17 times. Halonen, who was firmly stuck in the place of the first-time fighter, played her ninth match of the season and there are seven wins.

Zero was Halonen’s first career. The matches played have been recorded in the League statistics since Tuesday 28.

The previous team encounter was talked about when HIFK took an 11-1 win. This time, the finishers were tight and there was no celebration at the finish line. Halonen certainly took care of Jukuri’s attempts even when the people of Mikkeli chased the handicap without a goalkeeper.

HIFK got back in the line-up of Anton Lundell. Lundell was involved in the national team under 20 at the turn of the year, winning the World Cup bronze medal, and was now able to return to the journey of his club team. Mikkeli’s game was one hundred in Lundell’s league career.

The pace of the Helsinki team is gradually starting to intensify. HIFK returned from Christmas holiday last Friday in a home game against Jyp and the next game is on Thursday when Pori’s Aces arrive in Helsinki and on Saturday Kalpa from Kuopio.

The week of three games is HIFK’s first since mid-November.

“You have to be ready all the time and train according to it whenever you can have games. There should be more within a small amount of time now, ”Winberg said.

HIFK’s the position in the league table is firmly in the top four. There are now 41 points in 22 matches. The game’s more-played third-row Lahti Pelicans are one point ahead.


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