Hockey The TV picture of the Finnish World Cup in Russia differs from other countries – how in the world can a Russian company now be a partner in the Games?

The Russian company is still an official partner at the World Cup, although Russia was excluded from the Games after the start of the war in Ukraine.

Russian the national hockey team was shut down from the men’s World Cup shortly after the country launched an offensive war against Ukraine.

The World Cup will thus be a real remote experience for the country’s citizens, as it is enough to watch the Games on television and even so that only games from other countries are shown on the screen.

However, one element familiar to locals can be seen on TV screens: ads from the betting company Liga Stavok.

Why is the Russian company still an official partner at the World Cup, even though Russia was excluded from the Games after the start of the war in Ukraine?

Infront, which bought the marketing rights for the World Hockey Federation from the International Hockey Federation IIHF, is responsible for partner sales at the World Championships.

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The company according to Liga Stavok will continue as a partner in the World Cup despite the current situation, but in a smaller role than before. The company’s advertisements are displayed digitally on the sides of the trough only in the Russian market.

“Liga Stavok is a partner in the World Cup with a long-term contract. This year, the application of the agreement will be much more limited. Their advertising solutions are only visible in the digital image in the Russian market area, ”the company tells Ilta-Sanomat in a press release.

The company recalls that in this case and in general it will comply with all international sanctions against Russia.

“Liga Stavok has been the official sponsor of the tournament since last year. It is a matter of principle for us to be committed to all our partners and to the agreements we have made in previous years, where possible. ”

In the press release it was also hoped that peace would be achieved in Ukraine.

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“We oppose all forms of violence and aggression. We strongly condemn the suffering experienced by people. We hope for peace and a ceasefire. We hope that sport can once again be a unifying force in rebuilding bridges between countries and across borders. ”

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