Hockey The referee had no doubts and he gave a penalty in favor of Juhani Tyrväinen

Tyrväinen hit two goals when Luleå overthrew Örebro.

Striker Juhani Tyrväinen was prominently featured in the main league of hockey in Sweden, when Luleå overturned Örebro after extra time on goals 4-3 on Thursday.

Tyrväinen scored two goals and raised his score to 3 + 5 with 14 matches behind.

In addition to his goals, Tyrväinen was able to see from the fence when the second line referee of the match felt hard.

Orebro Robin Kovacs tried to tackle Tyrväinen, who got a partially dodged tackle. However, the line judge sitting on the edge of the trough was not as lucky, and Kovacs and Tyrväinen tucked the man directly into Luleå’s exchange fence.

However, the referee did not injure himself but soon got back into the pitch.


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