Hockey The promising Samuel Helenius, 19, did what many boys dream of and immediately received almost € 100,000 in his account – yet he is annoyed right now

Samuel Helenius excelled in the World Hockey Championships as long as they had time to play. The interruption of the race is still annoying. Earlier, he made his name on the NHL contract and received nearly € 100,000 in his account. He says it will go crazy if the money goes to the hat.

Promising central striker Samuel Helenius vex.

The World Hockey Youth Tournament had started in Finland and especially for him beyond expectations. First came the victory from the United States in the practice game, followed by the victories in two World Cup matches. Then the events in Edmonton and Red Deer were whistled across.

Helenius of the three-chain, 19, was second on the Young Lions Points Exchange at the time of the suspension. Only Brad Lambert, a club friend in JYP, managed to collect one more point. The efficiency was a surprise to the team and a bit to Helenius as well.

Ville Koivunen, The chain of Helenius and Lambert loaded as many as six of the Young Lions’ ten goals. Helenius threw the puck into the net three times.

“If could have been continued, could have come from just about anything. That’s why it’s really annoying, ”says Helenius in the small meeting room of the Hippos Arena in Jyväskylä, whose name Lämäri is well suited to the sport.

He ponders most what could have been done against Canada and then in the playoffs. They would have measured the young striker and the team right properly.

As a consolation to the players, the new president of the International Hockey Federation Luc Tardif flashed the resumption of the tournament, for example, in the summer. Schedules can actually be tricky, but Helenius would be suitable for summer hockey.

“If asked, I would certainly be involved. It’s such a great event. ”

Helenius was one of the few in the Finnish team to have a completed NHL contract in his pocket at the time of the World Cup. The Los Angeles Kings booked him in the second round last year and tucked a contract paper in front of him.

The NHL can wait until next season, but Helenius has received a signature bonus for a three-year income contract.

Much of Helenius’s moderation is due to the fact that the $ 92,500 Signing Fee remains in full.

“I haven’t bought anything yet. They are all safe. It has to be used for something sensible. ”

The total value of the NHL Newcomer Agreement is $ 925,000, meaning a 10 percent pre-tax signing bonus.

“It’s a big amount, but don’t get in the hat. Go crazy if it gets in your hat. ”

“The place will come when it comes, and that’s when it’s earned.”

Similar with precision, Helenius aims for the NHL. The deal with Kings doesn’t guarantee a place to play yet, it’s its own path that can take time. Helenius is prepared for that.

One part of his career planning was that Helenius obtained a bachelor’s degree in perho from Perho University of Applied Sciences. He graduated under Christmas 2020.

At the beginning of her studies, Helenius was still playing in the A-juniors of the Jokers and got her studies and exercises well organized.

“You never know when anything can happen. I feel that it’s good to have a degree. There is nothing lost in it. ”

It is very possible that Helenius next season will go to the farm series on the AHL side. He accepts that, even though he is seeking a place in King.

Helenius doesn’t want to build a tight schedule for taking over the NHL spot.

“I do not, of course. We go there according to how it develops. Be in no hurry. The place will come when it comes, and then it will be earned. ”

Often young players are impatient and want a place as soon as possible.

Nashville Eeli Tolvanen was allowed to build his career on the farm in his time until he established his position in the Predators. Kristian Vesalainen trying to strike himself into the Winnipeg group. Even in Colorado Mikko Rantanen pulled the first season in the AHL until, like a rocket, rose to the NHL constellation. The list could go on for a long time.

“There’s no such thing as supposed to get into the NHL right away. Not really, ”says Helenius.

“We go there first to sniff the AHL side, do the work and fight the place upstairs.”

Helenius is a second-generation hockey player, and at least for now, father and son are different.

Father Sami Helenius made its way to the NHL, even though it required little fist waving and hard grips. He was allowed to play 155 regular season matches in five clubs in the NHL over six seasons. Sami Helenius did not have a good day today, often losing his footing on the muddy pitch.

Defending knees will improve as Samuel Helenius plays as a centerpiece. He knows his father’s background. In the days of Sami Helenius, there was more fighting in the NHL than now. The teams had hard fists in their ranks, and not always counted so carefully on the skill of the game.

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Yes, gloves are still swinging in North America, but everyone needs to know how to play.

“I made my own path choice – and he makes his own,” says Sami Helenius.

“I was never beaten up. It was just said that he was playing like a big man, and between the lines it could be interpreted as a call. ”

“Did he realize someone was coming with the receipt?”

Samuel Helenius played strongly at the World Championships in Youth as long as the games lasted.

Sami Helenius isn’t worried that Samuel will be a fighter, even though the 199-centimeter’s style of play with his tackles will forcibly produce situations that penetrate under his opponent’s game gear.

“It’s very possible that someone is going to challenge you. Has he realized that someone is coming with a receipt book, ”says Sami Helenius, referring to possible fights in the trough.

However, he says he does not share his doctrines or instructions with the boy. Samuel, on the other hand, acknowledges that he would not accept his father’s instructions.

They talk about hockey quite a bit anyway. There is communication after the games, but that’s all.

“I can focus on my own thing, and there are coaches for guidance.”

Christian Ruuttu and Samuel Helenius are in touch. Ruuttu is the head of Kings ’European talent scouts, responsible for professional players and juniors.

“A balanced young man with clear goals for his career and pursuit. He has not been chosen as a deputy captain of JYP at the age of 18, ”says Ruuttu.

He describes the promise of being a team player and a “leader” with his own style.

“It is planned that he will leave for North America after the JYP season. Get to know the organization and the ways of the organization. ”

Ruuttu knows one small shortcoming in Helenius.

“He speaks a little bad English in Born in Dallas. It still needs to be studied – but English is a shortcoming for most Finns before leaving for the NHL. ”

Last in the summer, Samuel Helenius gained another 8-9 pounds in his body. Part came from training and the rest from natural strengthening.

“Power levels have moved forward. When the season ended, did we gain weight too quickly. I don’t know, but it’s been received, what has come, ”Helenius says.

Almost two meters long Helenius skates well, is able to play on the puck and help with the attacking head. He considers himself defensive and is moving in that direction.

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“Yes, I think I skate well. I guess skating will get better when I get more strength in my legs. ”

It is a difficult equation to increase in length while trying to build a force level. Coordination is also difficult.

The missed World Cup tournament said Helenius is developing in the right direction as a hockey player. It takes little time and restraint.

“I think I’m more talented in all other areas than a father.”

The role of Sami Helenius also included a fight. In September 2008, he teamed up with Kip Brennan.

Sami Helenius remember that at a younger age Samuel’s biggest problem was sore knees. The growth brought pain, and I had to cope with it.

“I remember when he once came happy with the game of B-juni and said that his knee was no longer sore,” says Sami Helenius.

He chose a hard game as his way. As a big player, Samuel may have a similar role in the AHL. Could the same route be a danger?

Its Samuel Helenius knows that in the NHL, there is much less air to blow with fists than before.

“I think I’m more talented in all other areas than a grandfather. Fighting is one part of the game, and if it has to be done, it will be done. That’s clear. ”

Helenius Jr. believes that curds are enough for the NHL path by playing, but he knows the laws of the sport.

“There’s nothing you can’t do.”

Samuel Helenius

  • Born November 2002 in Dallas.

  • Length 199 cm, weight 100 kg.

  • Breeder’s club Järvenpää Hawks, current club in the League JYP from Jyväskylä.

  • Central striker and Los Angeles Kings second round booking at number 59 in 2021, newcomer contract signed.

  • Played in the World Championships for Youth 2021 and 2022. World Championship bronze in the 2021 tournament.

  • Power in the World Championships for Youth: 7 matches 2 + 2 (2021), 2 matches 3 + 1 (2022).

  • Power in JYP in two league seasons: 81 matches 8 + 12.

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