Hockey The number one sales record was set at the Helsinki bar when forty fans were excited to attend the Olympic finals in the morning

About forty morning naps at the Rautatientori On the Rocks bar thrilled the disc final with coffee, an energy drink and a number one cell.

“Redbulli and the gold of Lapland was bitten! ”

When the puck falls on the ice on the numerous screens of the On the Rocks bar on Helsinki’s Rautatientori, the upstairs bar, which opened exceptionally at 5.30 on Sunday, is full of hustle and bustle.

Orders are thrown at the bar like on a normal bar night.

The serving is different from the normal line of the rock bar. Coffee, energy drinks and the number one cell go on sale.

Program manager serving oatmeal coffee at the counter and arriving at work at 4.30 a.m. Iiro Ylösen according to there are about 40 puck fans.

“There’s a little more to come,” he knows.

According to the program manager, there is an “easy” instant sales record for the bar’s number one cell.

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“Probably 20 cans are gone. Let’s see if there are enough stocks. ”

On the Rocks program manager Iiro Ylönen sipped coffee, Antero Jäntti ordered the number one cell during the first break of the puck final.

Idea opening the place early in the morning is reportedly unique in the history of On the Rocks.

“As hard fans of Finland, we wanted to open up and enable this for our customers,” says Ylönen of the decision made after Friday’s semi-final.

If the final match of the Beijing Olympic men’s hockey ends in Finland’s victory, the restaurant is prepared for the celebration to continue. Alcohol sales start at 9 a.m. and the downstairs club opens a little later to the beat of the DJ.

Judging by the fast-paced mood, many spectators seem to have arrived after a damp wait for the night.

“Through the beach, it was heard that there was something going on here,” Joe Kaljonen says.

He says he watched all night except for a short nap. The bottom was the watched women’s skiing.

“I gave up and then it annoyed when Kerttu got a bronze.”

Kaljonen predicts a 2-1 victory for Finland after the first set, when Russia leads 0-1.

“I probably have to go to Tokoinranta,” Kaljonen plots the life after the match.

Finland shirts and scarves Timo Sarkkinen and Maria Yli-Kojola exciting match in front of the bar’s biggest screen.

“There is a different atmosphere on site than if you were watching at home on a laptop,” says Sarkkinen, and opening up important games at the bar is part of the tradition.

“I don’t even have a telly,” Yli-Kojola emphasizes the reason to come.

“I’m afraid there will be an overtime solution,” Sarkkinen says at the beginning of the game.

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During the first break, Sarkkinen refines his forecast.

“Anttila does! And no useless coolers! ” Sarkkinen, who is winning a 2-1 victory in Finland, knows.

The energy drink and the number one cells made their trade at the exceptional morning opening of On the Rocks.

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