Hockey The little lions advanced to the World Cup semi-finals and once again face the surprise of Russia

In the semi-finals, Switzerland fell 2-0.

Little lions will continue to the semi-finals of the Boys Under 18 World Hockey Championships in the United States. Finland defeated Switzerland 2–0 in the semi-finals and Russia in the semi-finals.

The encounter between the teams in the first block ended for Finland after a soaring Kiri and 4–3 reading victory.

By advancing to the semi-finals, the Finns are caught up in medal games. In front of the little lions there is either a final or a bronze game.

The first batch was unpainted. In the second installment, the Captain of the Little Lions Samu Salminen got the puck in the Swiss cage. In the third set, Finland scored the second goal Aleksi Heimonsalmi. Aku Koskenvuo repulsed 23 times in front of his zero game.

Finland won his starting block. Switzerland, on the other hand, was fourth in its class, the last to make it.

Previously, Canada and Russia, which were in the same starting block as Finland, survived the semi-finals.

Sweden and the United States fought for the last place among the top four early in the morning. Sweden took a 5-2 win from the United States and continues to the semifinals.

The semi-finals will be played early on Thursday and the medal games early on Friday.

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