Hockey The Lions will play all their matches in Tampere in the Finnish World Cup

Russia conquers the early part of Helsinki.

Finland the World Hockey Tournament 2022 is called “Making Miracles,” and that means little miracles should be done in the tournament. And it also refers to past races.

Secretary General of the World Cup Heikki Hietanen told a tournament news conference that the tournament program is beginning to take shape. This means that Finland and Russia play in different starting blocks.

Lions The home base will be in Tampere throughout the tournament, when Russia will be placed in the first block of Helsinki. There is logic in the solution if Russian tourists can travel to Finland in just over a year. The coronavirus is now blocking travel.

The World Cup will be played from 13 May to 29 May. 2022 and Tampere’s new deck arena will be completed in about a year, well before the start of the Games.

Hockey returns to Tampere when the first World Championship tournament in Finnish hockey history was held in Tampere in 1965.

World Cup matches have been played in Tampere since then, but it is the main stage for the second time.

In Helsinki and Tampere, the first blocks are played in their entirety. The semi-finals will be divided equally, but Tampere will be responsible for the semi-finals. Medals will be settled there.

The last time the World Cup was played in Finland was in 2012 and 2013.

This can be seen in Tampere’s new Uros Live arena according to the observation image.­


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