Hockey The journalist asked Patrik Laine a special but sincere question – the answer was guaranteed Lainetta

Laine scored two assists in a loss match.

Patrik Laine is playing a strong season in the NHL, and in Tuesday’s round the points account was accumulated by two points in a 3-4 home loss to the New York Islanders.

Laine has amassed a power of 25 + 26 in 48 matches this season, and a power of 6 + 9 was born in the March 14 match. Laine has never played through the pace over the game.

However, the man was not warmed up by his own powers after the Islanders game, and disappointment shone in his face as he answered questions from reporters.

Laine was eventually allowed to leave, but one reporter still had a question. He was busy Vladislav Gavrikovin scored by Laine.

“Did you see Gavrikov’s rise? Did you try to get a loose puck for him or score a goal yourself? ” the reporter inquired.

The answer was a guaranteed wave.

“I don’t break down to cause loose discs. I will finish to paint, ”Laine replied.

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Question can be considered sincere – albeit a little silly – especially from an expert you would think Laine’s way of playing.

Laine has had the goal of scoring throughout his career, so for loose discs, shooting has hardly come to mind very often.

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