Hockey The Jokers surprised TsSKA in Moscow

The victory was the Jokers’ second of the season’s top team in the western block of KHL.

Jokers took hockey at KHL on Saturday with one of its sweetest wins of the season when it defeated TsSKA 3-1 in Moscow. The victory for the Helsinki crew was the second from the top team in the western block of the league this season.

The striker who joined the team in the middle of the season became the hero of the Jokers Markus Hännikäinen, which received an entry point in the opening batch Jordan Schroederin 1-0 and made 2-1 in the final round. The goals were born of superiority.

The Jokers have posed a serious challenge to TsSKA and SKA, the rulers of KHL’s western block.

“A few games went in lukewarm waters, but we have now defeated TsSKA twice and are able to beat SKA,” Joker’s head coach Lauri Marjamäki praised Viasat.

The Jokers, who will play as many as five matches for eight days, will meet the Avangard in Helsinki on Monday.


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