Hockey The International Hockey Federation is also considering playing the Women’s World Cup in the Olympic years

The tournament would only be played in late summer, because after the Olympics, a new tournament would come forward unnecessarily quickly.

Women hockey world championship medals may be played at the same pace as men’s in the future. Currently, the women are playing three tournaments for four years, with the tournament skipping in the Olympic years.

International Hockey Federation IIHF says on its websitethat the Olympic tournament will be discussed at the fall congress. Two tournaments in the short term have been considered a problem because some players are studying or going to other jobs.

If the decision goes through, the World Cup tournament could be played in addition to the Olympic tournament as early as 2022. The Olympic Games tournament would not be held until the late summer. The women’s tournament is already on the calendar in April, so the interval from the Olympics to the tournament would be short in the spring, playing short.

“We have always talked to the top countries playing in the Olympics. They can’t play again in a couple of weeks, so we’re talking about the possibility of playing in August, ”says the chair of the IIHF Women’s Committee Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer.

“We know that many players will end their careers at the Olympics. It provides an opportunity to bring new players to the team at the World Cup. We are now talking to potential 2022 host countries. ”

A foretaste of how the late summer tournament will work will be obtained this year as the tournament in Canada moved from spring to fall due to coronavirus constraints.



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