Hockey The flies turned against the league top – Captain Pyörälä, who scored the winning goal, reached the milestone

Fly captain Mika Pyörälä scored the winning goal scored by Radek Koblizek at the beginning of the third set.

Two Kärpät, who was zero for several times in a row, fought for himself in the goal and victory position in his home game against league leader Lukko on Wednesday in Oulu.

The flies played a good underpower, thirsted for victory and threw sadness in front of the reels at the decision moments, which was enough for a sweet 2-1 home win.

“Last time we were a long time behind Lock, but now we were able to raise our level. We got the workload to a level that was enough against the top of the series, ”the team captain Mika Pyörälä commented.

The season of flies has been athletically difficult. The goal difference of the endurance winner has been very positive in recent seasons, but now the Oulu team has made and let in as many hits (57–57).

“We have the will and desire to get the train on the right track again. We now took a step forward, ”Pyörälä saw.

Bike bait Radek Koblizekin at the beginning of the third installment of the winning goal. With the power point, the Kärppie credit striker rose to a 400-point club.

Pyörälä is sixth in the regular season points of active players in the league with a balance of 195 + 205 = 400.

Characteristic of the special season, Kärpät and Lukko will meet each other again on Thursday in Oulu.


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