Hockey The female lions lost to the United States in the semifinals of the World Cup

Finland’s goal kicked in the World Cup semi-final, and the United States advanced to the final.

Finland the women’s hockey national team played in the bronze medal match of the value competitions in consecutive years 2015–18 and was only once without a medal during that time. In 2019, the Female Lions advanced to the World Cup final for the first time, but in the World Championships played in Calgary, the bronze match is again Finland’s final stop.

The United States defeated Finland 3–0 in the semi-finals played the night between Monday and Tuesday. A goalkeeper who blocked thirty shots Anni Keisala gave a chance to win, but the sharpness at the attacking head lacked.

“We had superiority in the opening round with five against three and five against four. In the first, everything went wrong. In the latter, we still got a goal, ”Finland’s head coach Pasi Mustonen annoyed at the press conference.

The best Finnish places in the opening round opened in equal weeks, when Petra Nieminen and Elisa Holopainen were able to embarrass the U.S. goalkeeper Nicole Hensley. By the superiority of one player mentioned by Mustonen Noora Tulus got a shot, but Hensley lasted.

“We got to the first installment break according to plan when the situation was 0-0. The second installment was a problem, ”Mustonen said.

Alex Carpenter and Abbey Murphy in the second tranche, the United States took an escape trip, and Finland no longer came up with ways to do it, even though there were enough attempts.

“Our physics lasted, and we kept up the pace,” Mustonen praised.

Mustonen took command of Finland in 2014, piloted twice for the World Championship bronze and once for the Olympic bronze before the spring 2019 World Championship silver. No gold was far away. Nieminen fired the puck into the U.S. net in the overtime of the home race final, but the goal was dismissed after a video inspection. The United States settled for gold in the winning shot race.

The next World Championships were played almost two and a half years later, but the United States softened Finland 3–0 in the first series and repeated the readings in the semi-finals.

“The first game wasn’t the best for us. Supremacy has snapped against them. After all, we already had three goals in the opening round. It’s also a coincidence that it didn’t go away, ”Mustonen said.

Even in the final round of the semi-final, the possibility of superiority opened up, and Mustonen took the goalkeeper away to gain the superiority of two field players. Susanna Tapani reached the closest reduction, but Hensley’s zero lasted. Coyne Schofield riveted the final scores to an empty goal.

“We didn’t win the return discs in the situations where we got bets to the finish. Must be better with superiority. We had a chance for a better result, ”said Captain Jenni Hiirikoski.

Hiirikoski hungered enough for a bronze medal match against Wednesday’s night, against which Switzerland, which lost 0–4 to Canada, will oppose. Mustonen emphasized the importance of the spiritual side in preparing for the bronze match.



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