Hockey The entire New York Rangers coaching staff has been quarantined

The temporary coaches came from the farm club Hartford.

New York Rangers led by ad hoc coaches, took a handsome 9-0 win over Philadelphia in the NHL Hockey League. The borrowers will be resumed when the entire Rangers permanent coaching management has been sidelined due to the corona program.

Farmford club Hartford Wolf Pack’s number one coach Kris Knoblauch led the game in a tasty Flyers victory. He replaced the Rangers head coach David Quinnin.

Rangers will face Washington in two consecutive matches over the weekend and Quinn, assistant coach Jacques Martin, David Oliver and Greg Brown are on the sidelines due to quarantine.

“Getting behind the bench, getting in control of the offensive chains and being involved in winning was a memorable one,” Knoblauch said on the NHL website.

Knoblauch and Hartford Second Coach Gord Murphy pulled the team to practice on Thursday and are preparing to take responsibility for the weekend.

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