Hockey The Czech media knocked out their own performance: “Lazy, chaos, deadly cocktail – for us”

The Czech performance was not praised when the team lost to Finland in the World Cup.

Czech the media did not struggle when the country’s road to the World Hockey Championships ended in a 0–1 loss to Finland in the semi-finals.

Idnes website describes his own game as lazy and uncertain in contrast to Finland ‘s speed and conscientious defense.

Isport in turn, says the Czech game was chaos. Former top player as a site expert Martin Ručinský keeps the game plan unclear.

“We had a good chance of taking the medal, but we didn’t succeed. I really don’t know how we wanted to play, it was chaos, ”Ručinský commented.

Also head coach Filip Pešánin the players were amazed, especially the central striker Michael Špačekin absence.

Špaček had amassed 1 + 4 in the tournament, but it was not enough for the field against Finland.

Ručinský wondered about Finland’s strength and his own weakness. After a good start, the Czech game stalled badly in the Lions’ close defense, and Finland moved to the driver’s seat.

“The start of the match went well, but then Finland started to get a grip. In the third installment, they dominated the game all the time. ”

Also expert Miroslav Horák considered the head coach’s chain experiments a failure.

“Pešán mixed a cocktail that turned out to be deadly – not for Finland, but for us.”

“All the experts thought that team should have taken the medal. However, we had no one to lean on. There was just chaos and confusion, ”Horák commented.

Czech the previous value medal is from 2012, and the wait continues.

“It’s not about bad luck. We need to change something, ”Ručinský said.

He was the first in Finland to report on the comments of the Czech media Evening paper.



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