Hockey The broadcast was interrupted, and the extra time dropped by HIFK went unnoticed – many were enraged, but the flower of humor

TPS dropped 3-1 in the HIFK League semi-finals.

Helsinki IFK dropped out of the men’s hockey League final on Monday after losing for the third time in the semi-finals to the Turku Ball Club. However, the solution paint was not seen by many.

The match was hit Eemil Viro in the sequel in time 68.54. Before the goal, however, the broadcast on C Morella and TeliaTV had been cut off due to a power failure.

The passing of the match series solution naturally took on a lot of spectators and some of the angry spectators announced that they would end their subscription. Some demanded a refund of subscription fees.

However, some viewers approached the situation with humor, and, for example, a musician and a TV face Tommy Lindgren found a different perspective on the situation.

“Is the darkening of the TV broadcast in the playoffs before the decisive winning goal of the semi-finals series an all-time ‘no ny make this number’ way to go to the finals of the Finnish Championship?” Lindgren asked on Twitter.

With his tweet, he referred to TPS head coach Raimo Helminen, which is known for not wanting to bask in the spotlight, even during moments of great success.

There was also a joke with an additional installment.

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