Hockey Superstar McDavid praised Puljujärvi’s transformation and highlighted things the Finn didn’t want to do before

Jesse Puljujärvi has been allowed to play several matches alongside Captain Connor McDavid in the number one chain in Edmonton.

Edmonton Oilersin Jesse Puljujärvi has played by far the best regular season of his career, as evidenced by the fact that, in addition to power points 13 + 10, he has been a captain on several occasions Connor McDavidin alongside the number one chain.

The biggest star in the entire NHL has been in a class of its own this season as well, hitting an amazing power of 30 + 61 in 50 matches.

From McDavid after a 5–3 victory in Vancouver, questions were asked about the change of Lake Puljujärvi to the first NHL visit in 2016–19, which ended with a return to Kärppi in Oulu.

“He’s done a lot of work with his game and changed it. Before he left, he didn’t want to hair and play hard, now those things are his trademark, ”McDavid said.

“He stays on the puck and goes hard to the finish line. He punishes defenders who try to shut him out. We need that kind of winger. ”

McDavid sees Puljujärvi being more relaxed outside the field as well.

“He definitely talks more and feels more part of the team. As the game progresses, you will also find your place outside the trough. ”

“He started in a three-way chain and cleared his way up. That’s how it usually goes with young players. ”

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