Hockey Superstar Alexandr Ovethkin fooled around with his countrymen, fines the club $ 100,000

The Russian Quartet violated NHL coronavirus guidelines.

Washington Capitals superstar Alexandr Ovethkin, central forward Yevgeny Kuznetsov, defender Dimitri Orlov and goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov have caused a plush fall for the team.

The Russian Quartet has violated NHL covid-19 rules, leading to fines of $ 100,000. In addition, players were not allowed to participate in team activities on Wednesday.

The fault was that the players gathered without face masks in a hotel room on a guest game tour.

“I regret my decision to spend time with my teammates in our hotel room instead of the locker room area,” Capitals Captain Ovetškin stated on the NHL website.

“I learned from this experience.”

NHL does not specify in its coronavirus instructions how long players who break the rules will have to be on the sidelines.

Capitals is scheduled to face Buffalo on Friday night Finnish time.


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