Hockey Speculation about Jukka Jalonen’s NHL pest is accelerating – Alpo Suhonen raises another Finnish name

Will Jukka Jalonen be seen at the helm of the NHL club? It’s a hot question after a huge success.

21.2. 14:35

Lions marched on their Olympic gold without losing a game.

Beijing’s sovereign show and the first Olympic victory in Finnish puck history was another feather head coach Jukka Jalosen hat – in addition to two world championships and under-20 World Cup gold.

As the champion coach’s hat is filled, it has been wondered why Jalonen is not coaching in the NHL.

He was the only Finnish head coach of the NHL club Alpo Suhonen sees Olympic victory boosting Jalonen’s NHL shares even further.

“They’ve been good for a long time. I do not know if there is even one party here. I think that Jukka is thinking carefully about what he is doing and where he is going, ”Suhonen, who piloted the Chicago Blackhawks in 2000–2001, tells IS.

“I think” that negotiations have also taken place and during the summer he might even get an offer.

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What then are the biggest obstacles to Jalonen’s NHL pest? The conservative and closed culture of the toughest puck league in the world, Suhonen sees.

“That’s what they’re protecting with all their might.”

“The reason is always the language or that there is no experience or no coaching in North America. After all, there are things that could not have been done if they had not been there. ”

According to Suhonen, the closed culture is reflected in the fact that the guys hire their friends.

“Players become first assistant coaches, then coaches and then managers. When they are managers, they hire acquaintances as coaches. ”

However, Suhonen points out that a closed culture is not just a bad thing.

“In big business, it’s good to know who you’re dealing with.”

Suhonen is convinced of Jalonen ‘s ability to coach in the NHL. However, the coach coach points out that there are two sides to the situation.

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“It’s not that simple that they wouldn’t accept him.”

“There are a lot of coaches in Europe who could coach in the NHL. But there are two things in it: do you want to go there and what is the situation there. ”

Suhonen thinks that Jalonen, who will turn 60 by the end of the year, is more about what he wants.

“Jukka has probably thought about it a lot. After all, none of us can say what he wants. He has never said that himself. ”

Jalonen winged the Lions in their Olympic gold co-hockey. The whole was clinical and carefully role-playing. Suddenly, one could imagine that an NHL organization embodying success could seek a competitive advantage with this concept.

Suhonen knocks out the idea.

“There’s no such thing to think about. It is economy and entertainment, ”Suhonen uploads.

According to Suhonen, a long-standing puck coach who worked in the NHL as an assistant coach in the 1980s and 1990s, financial profits always come first to owners.

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“Athleticism or coaching is not as narrow an idea as is thought here. It is much wider or maybe even narrower. I don’t know which one. “

Jalosen The trump card in the direction of the NHL is the undisputed evidence in Europe. The downside is that he’s not inside North American culture.

Will Jukka Jalonen train in the NHL one day? Suhonen can’t answer that. However, he brings up another Finnish name without having to ask for it separately.

“I could predict that Toni Söderholm goes there sometimes. He has studied there and I think he wants to go there too. ”

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